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Carmen Villalobos Gets Ring From Sebastian Caicedo

Carmen Villalobos got her ring!! Her future hubby Sebastian Caicedo put a ring on it. The couple have been dating for nine years – and he proposed publicly while he was on “Exatlon”, to which she immediately said yes. Up until today we weren’t sure if a ring was exchanged or not…but here it is […]

Carmen Villalobos Explains Why No Marriage or Kids

Carmen Villalobos has been dating her boyfriend, Sebastian Caicedo, for nine years now…and still not signs of a wedding. So what gives?? The actress finally discusses why. She says she simply doesn’t need a piece of paper to validate her relationship. She admits that at first Sebastian wanted to get married, but that he now […]

Carmen Villalobos Uses Jennifer Lopez Song to Tell Her Man to Propose

Carmen Villalobos gave her man a major sign – put a ring on it! She sitting with her actor boyfriend at the Latin Billboards when Jennifer Lopez performed her new single “El anillo” – with the catchy chorus of “Y el anillo pa’ cuando.” Carmen grabbed her phone and started recording him asking the question […]

Carmen Villalobos’ Father Passed Away

Sad news for Carmen Villalobos. Her dad passed away. The actress posted this emotional message: Papi, siempre dije que de ti, había heredado la disciplina al trabajo, la berraquera, tu carácter y tú sonrisa, sonrisa que me acompañará siempre. Así cómo te veo en esta foto, vivirás en mi memoria y en mi corazón!!! Hoy […]

Carmen Villalobos Shows Off Bod on Cover of TVyNovelas

Carmen Villalobos is everywhere! She is now on the cover of “TVyNovelas” summer body issue. The mag does an annual list of the hottest celeb bods for hot summer months – and Carmen is front and center. Not only for having a super toned physique but also for being hotter than ever with the second […]