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Carmen Salinas Seduced by Two Dwarf Strippers VIDEO

If you ever wanted to see Carmen Salinas being seduced by two dwarf strippers – your day has come! The Mexican politician and actress was at a birthday party and couldn’t contain her laughter when the pair of exotic dancers focused on her. Thankfully for us, “El Show de Raul Brindis” got hold of the […]

Carmen Salinas Apologizes to Thalia Over Lyme Desease Joke

Carmen Salinas has changed her tune regarding Thalia‘s battle with Lyme desease. A few days ago, she was asked about it and tried to get a laugh out of her response by saying that Thalia should simply bathe her dogs more often. Thalia answered in a classy manner – leaving Carmen looking like a fool. […]

Thalia Answers Carmen Salinas Diss in an Educated Manner

Thalia has responded to Carmen Salinas‘ disrespectful comment regarding Lyme desease. She told reporters that Thalia should bathe her dogs. As if that’s the only solution to prevent Lyme desease. Thalia has posted video of Carmen’s answer on to Facebook with the stern but educated message. It’s a MUST READ.

Carmen Salinas Riding Motorcycle in New Novela

Look at her!! Carmen Salinas is acting in a new novela titled “Sueño De Amor”. She plays a grandma…a bad ass grandma. She was seen riding on this motorcycle in Mexico City and it was for a scene in the telenovela. Oh, and we hear she actually handles it herself. No trickery here. PS – […]

Carmen Salinas Gives Middle Finger to Enemy Online Petition

Carmen Salinas is getting TONS of heat right now online. The Mexican actress-slash-politician is dead center in a heated online movement to get her out of office. There is a petition on with over 170,000 to give her the boot – but don’t think for a second that Carmen is taking it lightly. She […]