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Luis Fonsi Throws Celebrity-Packed Christmas Party

This is one Christmas party we would have loved to have been at! Luis Fonsi and his wife threw a celebrity-filled celebration in Miami for Xmas! Plenty of celebs showed up – Aaron Diaz, Lola Ponce, Carlos Ponce, Ximena Duque, Ednita Nazario, Jencarlos Canela…just to name a few. Where was OUR invite, Fonsi?!!!

Carlos Ponce Mimics Miley Cyrus Puerto Rican Shower Photo

Carlos Ponce has one sense of humor! After Miley Cyrus posted a photo of her showering in Puerto Rico, he decided to play with the image some. He copied her move and superimposed himself in the photo taking a shower and hilariously used the hashtag #PuertoRicansDoItBetter. Gotta love it!! So, yeah, who did it better? […]

Carlos Ponce Debuts New Buzzed Look

New year, new look! Carlos Ponce debuted a new buzzed look and we are loving it! Really, he can never look bad! Do you like??

Carlos Ponce and Aaron Diaz Rehearse Duet

Carlos Ponce and Aaron Diaz will be performing together on the Premios Tu Mundo stage! Both novela hunks share the theme song of the new novela “Santa Diabla” and here they are preparing their performance for their fans. Can you imagine if they get all Mariah/Whitney on us and start belting to see who can […]

Carlos Ponce and Ximena Duque Back Together

They’re on, they’re off, they’re on again, but then off. Carlos Ponce and Ximena Duque are back on again and he tells “People En Español” what the deal is. He said: “What separated us had to do with work and it’s what brought us back together, it was the only thing that was a little […]