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Cardi B Deletes Instagram Account

Cardi B has deleted her Instagram account. Again. After becoming the first female solo to win the Grammy for best rap album. She was definitely proud and happy for the win, but she found herself having to defend her win. She blew up against the haters who said she wasn’t worthy of the recognition and […]

Cardi B Goes as an Oyster to the Grammys

Cardi B went as an clam in an oyster to the Grammys. It’s one thing to go all out for the award show with fashion…but it’s another to basically be in costume. We did not feel it. Did you??

Cardi B Shares Photo of Daughter

Cardi B continues to share very personal information. After announcing her split from her husband, Offset, she shared a photo of her daughter. The rapper had said she would show Kulture when she felt ready and the time is now. Her four-month old is a cutie!

Cardi B Says She Separated From Husband

Cardi B said she and her husband have separated. The rapper explained that she and Offset are really good friends, business partners and that they will love each other, but they are not together anymore. People are not buying the story though. They were seen very much together at a basketball game just days ago […]

Cardi B Named Star of the Year by People En Español

Cardi B has been named Star of the Year by ‘People En Español’ – and we totally agree. Nobody has made more of an impact in the last 365 in pop culture as Cardi. She came from nowhere and now she is everywhere. Do you thing she is the star of the year??