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Mario Domm to be Alejandro Sanz’s Special Guest

Alejandro Sanz has invited a special someone to join him onstage at his Mexico City concert in October. That special someone is Mario Domm. This isn’t the first time they share a stage – Alejandro invited him to duet on stage in 2011 as well. Of course, seeing Mario sing by himself just adds fuel […]

Samo Talks Scandalous Camila Photos

So what does Samo have to say?? The only member of Camila not involved in the “scandalous” photos that got leaked says the pics are no big deal at all. He told El Universal: “I haven’t talked to them, but I don’t think it’s important to them, I think that photos like these are nothing […]

Camila Scandal After Racy Photos Leak

Ohhh! Look who’s in the middle of a naked pic scandal that’s brewing! Mario Domm and Pablo Hurtado of Camila might be a little red in the face after personal photos of the two of them leaked onto the net and onto the pages of TVyNovelas. Some of Mario in underwear in an empty tub, […]

Camila Denies Diva Demands

Another rumor that they are denying. It is being reported that the boys of Camila requested several diva items for their concert in Venezuela. Apparently, they wanted a private plane, hotel suites decorated to the unique liking of each, and bulletproof cars as transportation. The truth?? It’s false! Pablo of Camila is denying all of […]

Camila Clarifies That They Aren’t Splitting Up

Camila wants to set something straight – they are not splitting up! The group says that there is confusion out there after they announced that they want a break, but insist that they only want a vacation from each other and work. They sent out a press release stating: “It is true that in an […]