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Camila Sodi Blames Chicharito Break Up on Media Pressure

Camila Sodi is talking about the end of her romantic relationship with Chicharito. In an interview with Adela Micha, she said “Que es lo que pasó ahorita con Javier y yo. Fue demasiada presión de los medios, no pudimos, estábamos en una relación a distancia y fue demasiado. Mucho escarnio, mucha cosa encima de algo […]

Camila Sodi Responds to Yegua Speculation With Caballos Post

Camila Sodi has never been more in the spotlight now that she’s hooking up with Chicharito – and it appears that she’s loving it. A few days ago, fans worried that she was essentially announcing the end of her fling with the soccer star after mouthing the words to the Alicia Villareal song that says […]

Camila Sodi Fans Speculating Chicharito Split Over Social Media Post

Camila Sodi doesn’t give us any details we want so it leaves everyone to only speculate. The actress was asked by a reporter about her relationship with Chicharito at a showing of a play she is in and she said “I don’t speak about my private life, but thank you for your interest.” Told you. […]

Camila Sodi Insinuates Pregnancy With Chicharito Baby

Is Camila Sodi pregnant with Chicharito‘s child??? That’s what she has insinuated…on purpose or not. A few weeks ago she posted a video of the Eiffel Tower – from her now infamous romantic trip to Paris with the soccer star. She used several emojis in the caption, but one is just now standing out. It’s […]

Chicharito and Camila Sodi Paris Kisses Caught on Video

In case seeing pics of Chicharito and Camila Sodi kissing in Paris wasn’t enough…now there’s video. “Hola” has released paparazzi footage of the two having a romantic time in France – sitting in a park, drinking hot chocolate, and locking lips. Check out the vid…