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Diego Boneta and Camila Sodi Caught on Camera Making Out

The rumors about Diego Boneta and Camila Sodi hooking up have finally been confirmed, but not by them directly. The two have remained hush hush about their secret romance. It’s been said that they hit it off while shooting the Luis Miguel series together. However, they have managed to keep their PDA down to a […]

Diego Boneta and Camila Sodi Caught Kissing

Diego Boneta and Camila Sodi are getting it on! The two have been caught kissing the “TVNotas” and, no, they weren’t shooting a scene for anything. Diego and Camila met on the set of the Telemundo/Netflix Luis Miguel biopic and hit it off. They started hanging out after hours and now they’re full on locking […]

Diego Boneta and Camila Sodi Might Have Romance Off Screen Too

Diego Boneta and Camila Sodi might be a thing! The two actors are working together on the Luis Miguel series, but it appears they have connected more than just onscreen. He plays Luismi and she plays Stephanie Salas while the cameras are rolling, but photogs have caught them hanging out after hours, holding hands, and […]

Camila Sodi and Chicharito Sending Jabs Via Social Media

Are Camila Sodi and Chicharito battling it out indirectly on social media?? Fans believe that they are sending each other jabs via social media – with Camila being the first one to write something harsh. It’s being said that after she saw the soccer star post a photo with a new girl, Camila decided to […]

Camila Sodi Posts Strong Message But Not For Chicharito

Camila Sodi knows that everyone is on the lookout for anything she might say or do against Chicharito now that they broke up…and you know she’s loving the attention! So much that she posted this photo wearing a shirt that says “Te amaba y me chingaste” – and pointed out that it’s not directed at […]