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Blanca Soto Talks About Not Being in Third Season of Señora Acero

Blanca Soto has kept mum about her not participating in the third season of “Señora Acero” on Telemundo…despite being Señora freaking Acero! The actress finally discussed it – somewhat – with her fans, writing a message on Twitter that says: “Me da mucho gusto saludarlas, y platicarles que pronto podremos compartir algo en comun, asi […]

Blanca Soto Out of Telemundo, Joins TV Azteca

“Señora Acero” will continue on Telemundo…but Blanca Soto won’t. Rumors has it the actress was too difficult to work with. There are reports of her coming hours late to get makeup done, only to insult the makeup artists for not hurrying up, keeping the crew waiting for her on set, and simply not treating her […]

Fernando Colunga and Blanca Soto Caught Kissing

Fernando Colunga and Blanca Soto played a couple in the novela “Porque el Amor Manda” and it seems that their feelings for each other have become something real. The pair of actor were spotted making out. Fernando and Blanca were caught kissing at Miami’s International Airport a few days ago and it’s got people wondering […]

Blanca Soto Revs Up Second Season of Señora Acero

Call Blanca Soto the female version of “El Señor De Los Cielos”! That series has had HUGE results with its second and third seasons…and now Blanca’s “Señora Acero” is gearing up for it’s second run. CLICK HERE to check out a super fast promo just to get our interests peaked!!

Blanca Soto a Miss Universe Pageant Judge

Acting…and judging! Blanca Soto has been named as one of the judges of the Miss Universe pageant! We know Blanca has had experience being a Miss in the past so this is up her alley. It’ll be kinda cool to see her on the panel picking the best of the best.