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La Ley is Officially Back

La Ley is officially back! They performed on Wednesday night, alongside Zeta Bosio, and we’ve got video of their show! CLICK HERE to watch!

La Ley Working on a Comeback

Guess who is coming back?? La Ley is!! The group is working on releasing a collection of their hits and even some new songs for 2014! The Chilean band, led by vocalist Beto Cuevas, was first formed in the 80s and was one of the top Spanish rock bands around in the 90s. Does this […]

Beto Cuevas Preparing Art Exhibit

Beto Cuevas…painter? Yes! The Chilean musician says that he has always had an artistic side for making paintings and drawings and now wants to share it with the world. He is planning an exhibit to show off his pieces. Beto says that it’s something he has done for years and not just a hobby that […]

Beto Cuevas Denies Paulina Rubio Romance

Beto Cuevas and Paulina Rubio?? Who said that? The Chilean singer says that in Mexico someone created a story about him and Pau being a romantic item. He says it is not true at all. We hadn’t heard the rumor but now we get an immediate denial so there is no speculation. The two of […]

Coaches of La Voz Mexico 2 Officially Presented

All readers have known this for a while now…but they were finally officially presented on Wednesday. The coaches of La Voz Mexico 2 posed for the cameras of the press and discussed their excitement and eagerness to kick off the second season. Miguel Bose, Paulina Rubio, Beto Cuevas, and Jenni Rivera are all gunning […]