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Belinda and Danna Paola Fans Try to Cause a Ruckus Over Freckles

The fans tried to get Belinda and Danna Paola to fight…over freckles. But it didn’t work. Belinda has been known to show off the freckle look, accentuated with makeup – and Danna recently did the same thing. Fans wrote Belinda saying Danna was copying her look to which Belinda responded “Bueeeno no pasa nada, no […]

Belinda Will Not Be Playing Mariah Carey

Belinda says she will not be interpreting the role of Mariah Carey in the Luis Miguel Series. Despite of the rumors, when asked if she was joining the second season of the series, Beli said no. She did say she admires Mariah and that she is a great artists.

Horacio Palencia To Release Song With Belinda

Horacio Palencia is working on a very special collaboration. He is recording a song with Belinda for his new album. The song is called “Amor a Primera Vista” and he told us it is a regional Mexican love song that will make you want to dance. Although there is no release date for the album, […]

Belinda May Act in Luis Miguel La Serie Season Two

Belinda may return to acting for the second season of Luis Miguel La Serie. Word is going around that she will be playing the role of Mariah Carey. She posted a video with the caption, “Ensayando esta cancion de Mariah Carey que me encanta. Que opinan?” It is unclear if the video started or fueled […]

Belinda Upset At Fans For Exposing Her New Relationship

Apparently, Belinda has a new man in her life, Ben Talei, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. Her fans shared some of the photos her boyfriend posted and the singer got mad and even blocked them. One of her fan club accounts posted, “Lo que no entiendo es porque Belinda se enoja con los fans por […]