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Belinda Makes Fun of Giovani Dos Santos With Hashtag Shirt

She who gets the last laugh… Belinda is poking fun at ex-boyfriend Giovani Dos Santos after the two had a heated argument on Twitter for all to see! In one of his responses to her, he wrote: “Veo que todavía me extrañas (I see that you still miss me)” and the hashtag #veoquetodaviameextrañas became a […]

Belinda and Giovani Dos Santos Fight Over Drunk Gio Video

Battle between Belinda and Giovani Dos Santos on Twitter!! The singer shared this video of her ex-boyfriend Gio appearing all drunk and with some hot girls – to which he responded by saying that she is trying to make something out of nothing with an old video. He then said:

Vein Releases Hot Club Track Translation With J Balvin and Belinda

Spread out right this could be a BIG summer hit! Composer and producer Vein is releasing a song of his own called “Translation” and it is one for the clubs! J Balvin and Belinda collaborate on this English to Spanish song with a VERY straightforward message on how to talk to a girl. CLICK HERE […]

Belinda Opens Karaoke Bar in Mexico City Called La Chismosa

Belinda has opened a karaoke bar in Mexico City and she had a premiere party to get people talking about it. The place is called “La Chismosa” and she arrived on the red carpet with none other than her brother Nacho. Actually he is her business partner in this new venture so we wish the […]

Belinda Has Great Gatsby Fun With Ximena Navarrete in I Love You Te Quiero

Belinda has a song called “I Love You…Te Quiero”. This is the one that Ximena Navarrete stars in the video with the pop star. The song is a