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Belinda Wanted For Rock of Ages in Mexico

We told you producers of the Mexican live version of “Rock of Ages” want Diego Boneta for the male lead role. Well, now we know who their wish for the main girl is…and it’s Belinda! We can see it – Diego and Beli. Do you??

Ximena Navarrete Makes Cameo in Belinda’s Music Video

While one Miss Universe gets ugly for a good social movement, another gets pretty for a music video. Oh the juxtaposition. Ximena Navarrete dolled up for Belinda‘s new video “I love You…Te Quiero”. Judging by this behind-the-scenes pic from the set, the two looks to be channeling a 1920s style for the vid.

Belinda Knocked Down by Fan on Stage

Belinda got tackled by one of her fans! She was performing on stage when suddenly a fan approached her in mid-song and knocked her down! He was quickly taken away and we gotta applaud Beli for continuing with the show. CLICK HERE to watch it all happen!

Belinda Accompanied by Masked and Armed Dancers at Concert

Belinda always gives plenty to talk about and her recent concert in Mazatlan, Mexico is no exception. Beli was accompanied on stage by her dancers, as usual, but this time they were dressed differently. They had camouflage pants, black masks covering their faces, and they were carrying fake guns. Knowing how much violence there is […]

Belinda VS Carmen Salinas

It’s Belinda VS Carmen Salinas! Carmen’s godson, Abraham Batarse, is starting a career in music and he called Belinda to see if she wanted to sing a duet with him. Belinda turned him down, BUT said that she