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Belinda Wins Fashionista of the Year

Belinda won at México’s Fashion Digital Awards. The starlet won the Fashionista of the Year. Yes, that’s a real award. Beli refused to talk to the press, but she did show off her award and walked away. She did look good…as usual.

Belinda Rumored to be Hooking Up With Criss Angel

Are Belinda and Criss Angel an item?? “TV Notas” reports that the Mexican singer and the illusionist started dating three months ago. Apparently, she got the VIP treatment when she went to see his show in Las Vegas with some friends – and since then they have been hooking up. Just a couple of weeks […]

Belinda Ignores Questions About Her Closed Nightclub

Belinda chooses what she talks about. She was at the premiere of the movie “Trolls” since she voices one of the characters for Latin America…and she was asked about “La Chismosa.” That’s the name of the nighttime establishment she opened in Mexico City – that is now closed. The press wanted to know details and […]

Belinda Taking a Break to Get Inspired

Belinda needs a breather! The singer let her fans know that she needs a break, mostly to get inspired for her next album…but she also makes mention of getting hurtful comments on social media. She said: “Se que están esperando el nuevo disco, y la verdad no es fácil inspirarse, hay momentos en los que […]

Belinda Levitates Over Water With Help From Criss Angel

Belinda floating over water?? Yep. The Mexican Pop star hooked up with illusionist Criss Angel in a new TV special – and in the clip Beli shared online we see her lose consciousness and get levitated by Criss. It’s a cool trick…but what we really want to know is how these two got linked up! […]