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Belinda Levitates Over Water With Help From Criss Angel

Belinda floating over water?? Yep. The Mexican Pop star hooked up with illusionist Criss Angel in a new TV special – and in the clip Beli shared online we see her lose consciousness and get levitated by Criss. It’s a cool trick…but what we really want to know is how these two got linked up! […]

Belinda Says if You Don’t Like Her Show You Can Leave

Belinda wants you to leave her show if you’re not having a good time. She performed in Xalapa Veracruz and confronted a girl who was seemingly bored. The fans were wanting Beli to sing “Sapito” – which she begrudgingly does – but before getting on with the show, she said, “yo creo que en esta […]

Belinda Has Never Been in Love

Belinda and Diego Boneta are on the cover of “Vanity Fair” together…but the main focal point is definitely Beli’s love life. She tells the mag that she’s never fallen in love – and that includes when she was with soccer player Giovani dos Santos. She said: “En ese momento estaba en una burbujita, pero hoy […]

Belinda Accused of Owing 100,000 Dollars in Taxes

Belinda may owe a chunk of money in back taxes. The singer is being accused of fraud and intentionally hiding assets and earnings to avoid paying the government. All in all the total amount due is reported to be at about 100,000 dollars. Belinda is also being accused of possibly destroying registrars and system inputs […]

Belinda Cancels Performance to Avoid Seeing Maluma

Belinda can’t stand the sight of Maluma…that’s the latest rumor to come out of Mexico. She was supposed to perform at the semi-finals of “La Voz Mexico” but canceled at the last minute. Apparently, Beli found out that Maluma would also be performing on the show and she pulled the plug. It’s being said that […]