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Vein Learns Spanish With Belinda and J Balvin in Translation Music Video

We’re telling you – this is the jam! Vein has premiered the music video for his song “Translation” – featuring J Balvin and Belinda. The song itself is fun and so is the vid! Vein trying to learn Spanish, Beli shocked at what he wants to say, and J doing the running man!! CLICK HERE […]

Maffio Makes Romantiqueo With Belinda and Oscarcito

Maffio is taking over! Not only is his own music on the radio, he’s also got a hit on his hands as a producer with Chino y Nacho‘s “Tu Me Quemas” – and now this. Maffio has brought together Belinda with new artist Oscarcito on a song titled “Romantiqueo”. He can’t stop, won’t stop!

Belinda Now Says Giovani Dos Santos is Her Friend

Is Belinda trying to bury the hatchet with Giovani Dos Santos?? A few days ago, she and her ex had a battle of words on Twitter and it turned into a trending hashtag – but seems like she is trying to play nice now. At the airport she was asked by a reporter about the […]

Belinda Makes Fun of Giovani Dos Santos With Hashtag Shirt

She who gets the last laugh… Belinda is poking fun at ex-boyfriend Giovani Dos Santos after the two had a heated argument on Twitter for all to see! In one of his responses to her, he wrote: “Veo que todavía me extrañas (I see that you still miss me)” and the hashtag #veoquetodaviameextrañas became a […]

Belinda and Giovani Dos Santos Fight Over Drunk Gio Video

Battle between Belinda and Giovani Dos Santos on Twitter!! The singer shared this video of her ex-boyfriend Gio appearing all drunk and with some hot girls – to which he responded by saying that she is trying to make something out of nothing with an old video. He then said: