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Belinda Accused of Owing 100,000 Dollars in Taxes

Belinda may owe a chunk of money in back taxes. The singer is being accused of fraud and intentionally hiding assets and earnings to avoid paying the government. All in all the total amount due is reported to be at about 100,000 dollars. Belinda is also being accused of possibly destroying registrars and system inputs […]

Belinda Cancels Performance to Avoid Seeing Maluma

Belinda can’t stand the sight of Maluma…that’s the latest rumor to come out of Mexico. She was supposed to perform at the semi-finals of “La Voz Mexico” but canceled at the last minute. Apparently, Beli found out that Maluma would also be performing on the show and she pulled the plug. It’s being said that […]

Belinda Denies Being Wanted by Police

Belinda wants everyone to know that the police ain’t after her! The singer was supposedly wanted by the authorities for fraud and destroying accounting records and several media outlets reported the rumor. Beli was quick to respond via social media saying: “NO ES CIERTA LA INFORMACIÓN QUE MANEJA LA PRENSA. NO EXISTE NINGUNA ORDEN DE […]

Belinda Records With Justin Timberlake

Belinda is now working with Justin Timberlake. You read that right. Mexico’s Pop princess has hooked up with Justing in song. Looks like she recorded a song for the “Trolls” movie – seemingly a Spanish duet for his latest song “Can’t Stop The Feeling.” Beli gave him a parting gift – a Virgen de Guadalupe […]

Belinda Denies Romance With Zac Efron

Two actors can’t work together because that immediately makes them a couple. It’s happening with Belinda and Zac Efron who worked together on the movie version of “Baywatch” – and, of course, there are reports that they are dating. She says it’s not true. Beli has been quick to answer the media saying they are […]