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Belinda Seemingly Haunted by Sapito Song

Belinda is in the news this week – and it’s all over a song that is apparently haunting her. At one of her concerts this week, her fans asked her to sing “El Baile del Sapito” – and video of the moment shows Belinda frustrated asking them why, of all the songs she has, would […]

Belinda Asked to Get Fat by Funny Group of Women on YouTube

A group of women have published a hilarious video on YouTube asking Belinda to gain some weight. The gag is that they feel inadequate whenever they see a pic of Belinda and her perfect abdomen. They ask her to pack on the pounds because they feel guilty eating pizza and tacos, and drinking beer. They […]

Zac Efron Says Belinda is Fantastic, Sweet, Lovely, Excellent

Belinda and Zac Efron have worked together on the new “Baywatch” movie and the media is dying to know how they got along. In an interview for another movie, Zac was asked by a reporter what he thought of Beli. He said: “Belinda was fantastic, she’s very sweet, very lovely, and she’s really excellent.” Now, […]

Belinda Releasing Shoe Collection in the Fall

Belinda is releasing a shoe collection with a well-known store in Mexico and now we’re getting some details. The marketing director of the brand says that Beli has been a major part of the entire designing process – which includes “elementos juveniles, complementados con pedrería y una extensa gama de colores, entre los que se […]

Belinda Joins Cast of Baywatch

Look who has joined the movie version of “Baywatch”! Belinda!! The Rock gave her a warm welcome as you can see in the photo and introduced her to his fans as the Queen of Latin Pop. He said: “She’s already a massive music star who could easily “settle” with her success, but she’s hungry and […]