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Belanova Forgets Juan Gabriel Lyrics at Concert in His Honor

Belanova got booed. They performed at the concert in honor of Juan Gabriel and skipped some of the lyrics to the song “Yo No Naci Para Amar.” It could have been nerves or simply lack of rehearsal – but the crowd did not like it at all. The audience started booing and whistling when it […]

Belanova Back and Unplugged

The other day we were thinking – what happened to Belanova?! Well, now we know and their fans will like the answer. They are back with new music and this time they are doing it live. They trio is releasing an unplugged album and we’re very interested to hear what that sounds like considering they […]

Belanova in the Clear Over Plagiarism Claims

Retracting his words?? The son of Consuelo Velázquez claimed that Belanova plagiarized his mom’s song Amar y Vivir for their track Hasta El Final. We had a hard time hearing a strong similarity between the two and it turns out we were right. Somewhat. He is now saying that the trio known as Belanova didn’t […]

Belanova Accused of Plagiarism

Did Belanova plagiarize?? The trio group is being accused of stealing the melody of the late Consuelo Velázquez‘s song Amar y Vivir for their song Hasta El Final. The living heir of Ms. Velázquez’s music says that Belanova simply changed the lyrics to the song and claimed it as their own. We heard both tracks […]

Escuchame: Belanova ‘Mariposas’

Click to play. Belanova has released its new single called Mariposas. It’s totally Belanova, sticking to its pop-dance-futuristic sounding vibe. We like! CLICK HERE to listen.