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Becky G Cyberbullied

Becky G posted a photo and shared that she had been invited to walk the runway for the Go Red For Women event and bring awareness to heart disease. Well, that went completely unnoticed. Instead of people commenting about that they focused on her forehead and make fun of her. She is not one to […]

Becky G Shows Her Eyes Makeup Free and Fans React

Becky G put up a video on Instagram without eye makeup…and many are blasting her for it. The singer published a makeup tutorial to promote her new makeup line – so she went bare on her eyes to show the transformation. For many of her fans, it was the first time seeing her without eyeshadow, […]

Becky G To Release Makeup Collection

Becky G has teamed up with Colour Pop to release a makeup collection. The products will include an eye-shadow pallet, liquid lipsticks and highlighters with cute names that are mostly in Spanish. “Sangria,” “etrella,” “patrona,” “mija,” “chola,” “chisme” and “luna” are some of the names she chose. She named the entire collection “Salvaje” and she […]

Karol G Explains Why She Pulled Out of Sin Pijama

Karol G talked to ‘Primer Impacto’ about the reasons why she pulled out of the hit song ‘Sin Pijama’. She says she recorded her part – but then called up Becky G to discuss the lyrics “fumamos marihuana” and “soy una perra en la cama” – saying those things were not necessary to say and […]

AB Quintanilla Attacks Becky G For Saying Selena is Her Inspiration

It’s AB Quintanilla hating on Becky G…or is it? Becky G spoke at a Latin Grammy event in Las Vegas saying her inspirations are Selena Quintanilla, Jennifer Lopez, and Jenni Rivera. While that sounds like a nice thing to say, AB didn’t like it. Apparently. A few nasty comments from AB’s verified account showed up […]