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Barbara Mori Finally Acknowledges Granddaughter Publicly

Sergio Mayer Mori‘s daughter, Mila, has been hanging around for more than a month…and grandma has finally acknowledged her publicly. Barbara Mori has kept quiet about her granddaughter. Despite being quite active on social media, she never mentioned her son’s baby throughout the pregnancy or when the little one was born. That has all changed […]

Barbara Mori Dyes Hair Lilac

Most grandmas have white/blue/purple hair – and now that Barbara Mori is a grandmother, she does as well. The actress, of course, doesn’t look like your typical abuela at all. She did, however, dye her hair lilac color. What do you think of the look?? Like it or nah??

Sergio Mayer Mori Baby and Baby Mama Living at Barbara Mori’s House

Looks like things are all good between Sergio Mayer Mori and his baby mama Natalia Subtil. She says that their daughter Mila has brought everyone together. In fact, Natalia revealed that she and the baby are living at Barbara Mori‘s house and that everyone is gaga over the little one. Natalia says that as of […]

Renato Lopez Remembered by Friends With Taco Tattoo

TV host and actor Renato Lopez is being remembered by his close friends with a specific tattoo. His group of pals, including Barbara Mori, got the word ‘TACO’ tattooed on their fingers. Renato had the same tattoo and loved showing it off anytime he ate tacos. They have taken the meaning a bit further and […]

Barbara Mori Attacked by Four Dogs

Ouchhh! This right here is Barbara Mori‘s leg and, as you can see, she’s injured. It turns out that she was attacked by four dogs. She says it wasn’t major and just a scare…but that wound says otherwise. It’s one thing to be bitten by one dog…but FOUR?!