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Aylin Mujica Home Destroyed in Earthquake

Aylin Mujica‘s home in Mexico has been deemed uninhabitable. The actress explains that she had to run out of her apartment during the 7.1 earthquake that hit the country’s capital. She explains that the marble on her walls started crumbling and the building was shaking violently. Aylin can’t stay in her home because it is […]

Aylin Mujica Out of Celia The Musical

Aylin Mujica is no longer a part of “Celia El Musical” and there are two versions as to why she is suddenly out. She claims she was mistreated by the crew, insulted by her cast mates, and not paid in full for her work. However, producer Eduardo Paz says he fired her for her bad […]

Aylin Mujica Emergency Operation on Monday, Work on Wednesday

A trooper! Aylin Mujica was present at the Premios Billboard Finalists press conference on Wednesday, which is something to note considering what she just went through this past Monday. She underwent and emergency operation due to an appendicitis. Looking at her you would never know!!

Top Chef Estrellas Stars Present Show to The Press

We got our first glimpse of Telemundo’s “Top Chef Estrellas” and now we’re excited to watch!! There are many celebrities participating this season and we got to see Cynthia Olavarria and David Chocarro chatting to the press about the show and their cooking skills – or lack thereof! Host Aylin Mujica also was present to […]

Fernando Colunga Making Directorial Debut With Obscuro Total

Fernando Colunga is doing something for the first time. He not only acts in