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Aventura Reuniting

Aventura is back…well, for about a month. Romeo Santos, Henry Santos, Max Santos, and Lenny Santos are getting back together for a quick reunion tour. They will be performing at several spots in February 2016. The first being at the United Palace Center in New York. Could this inspire a new album or at least […]

Henry Santos on Mira Quien Baila

The first three participants of Mira Quién Baila have been confirmed. Samy and Alicia Machado are in…told you so. One that snuck in as a surprise is Henry Santos! Perhaps he is replacing Ojani Noa‘s spot?? Either way, the former Aventura singer will be following the steps on the dance floor! Three down, seven to […]

Romeo Santos Says Not Yet to Aventura

File this under DUH. Romeo Santos was asked if he plans on rejoining his buddies of Aventura. His response was…not yet. It makes sense for him not to. He has achieved major success as a solo artist. Why go back to fiddling with three other guys in a group???

Aventura Label Exec on House Arrest

A little more liberty for Franklin Romero after being placed on house arrest. The exec of Aventura‘s label is accused of drug trafficking and money laundering and has been confined to his house but that has now been extended a little. He can now go to his office and work during regular business hours but […]

Owner of Aventura’s Label Arrested in Panama

Franklin Romero, owner of Premium Latin Music, the label that houses Aventura was arrested in Panama. He was detained in charges of money laundering and trafficking of drugs. These are some serious charges! The businessman and his legal team are currently working their defense to prove his innocence.