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Ariadne Diaz Baby Makes Novela Debut

Ariadne Diaz‘s baby has already shot his first novela scene! According to radio show “Todo para la Mujer”, Ariadne’s son, Diego, can already say he has been in a novela…even though he is less than one year old. They shot the last scenes of the novela ” “La doble vida de Estela Carrillo” and Diego […]

Ariadne Diaz Rushed to Hospital With Stomach Flu

Ariadne Diaz had to be rushed to the hospital over the weekend. The actress was forced to stop shooting “La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo” after falling ill. At first it was thought to be appendicitis, but in actuality it was a stomach flu. Upon feeling better, Ariadne shared a photo from home where she […]

Ariadne Diaz Bashed For Showing Body Seven Months After Giving Birth

Ariadne Diaz is being criticized for this photo she published on Instagram. The actress shared the pic to show her body transformation seven months after giving birth. While some people applauded her, others bashed her – saying she is sucking in and must have gotten surgery. Ariadne was on “Hoy” and said “Ay mira, es […]

Ariadne Diaz Son Does Tiger Cosplay

Halloween is still a couple of weeks away…but that isn’t stopping Ariadne Diaz‘s son from wearing his costume. Baby Diego looks adorable as a tiger on the prowl. Actually, you can see how much he believes he’s a tiger in the pic – it looks like he’s growling and about to bite mom! So cute!

Ariadne Diaz Criticized For Carrying Baby Wrong Way

Ariadne Diaz got a lesson in mommyhood on Instagram. The actress published a photo of herself with baby Diego – showing him off like any mom would do. Problem is she was carrying him in a way that many started to caution her about. The comments she was getting were more about the damage she […]