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Arath De La Torre Has Sleep Apnea

Arath De La Torre was diagnosed with sleep apnea. The actor says he has always had a hard time going to and staying asleep – but just assumed it was insomnia. Turns out it’s a bit more serious than that. Arath told the Mexican press “Mi esposa detectó que dejaba de respirar por periodos de […]

Arath de la Torre Show Canceled After 12 Episodes

Arath de la Torre has confirmed what we all felt was coming. His show “Esta noche con Arath” has been canceled. It only aired twelve times – and now it’s done. Arath expressed his sadness by saying “Queridos amigos. Con el programa del día de hoy cierro un ciclo muy importante en mi vida. Sin […]

Arath de la Torre New Show in Trouble

Is Arath de la Torre‘s show going off the air already?? His Monday night program “Esta noche” has been blasted since it started just weeks ago by both fans and critics. The buzz in Mexico is that the producer of the show, Adriana Bello, and Arath are clashing hard and the show is suffering as […]

Arath de la Torre Getting Blasted For Weak Show Debut

It’s not a good start for Arath de la Torre, Televisa, and the show “Esta Noche con Arath.” The debut of the program is being blasted by both professional critics and TV viewers. The response has been that Arath is simply no funny, flat, and out of touch. The writing has also been highly criticized […]

Arath de la Torre Debuting Late Night Show on Televisa

Arath de la Torre is getting his own show on Televisa called “Esta Noche” and this one is definitely a game changer. First, it’s a late-night show, very typical in the US and other countries, but rare in Mexico. Second, Arath claims that there will be no blacklist of sorts. Typically, talent from other networks […]