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Aracely Arambula Criticized For Kissing Son on Lips

Aracely Arambula‘s son, Daniel, turned nine years old – and the pic she chose to post to celebrate is causing a lot of drama. In the photo she is kissing her son on the lips. Most people are criticizing saying she should not be doing that…while some say it’s ok. What do you think?? The […]

Aracely Arambula Something Different Back There

Aracely Arambula has her fans looking back. The actress attended an event in Miami for the premiere season of “MasterChef Latino” – of which she is the host of – and drew plenty of attention to her behind. Immediately, the internet responded with before and after pictures…comparing shots from years back to this week. There […]

Aracely Arambula Hosts Telemundo Show

Aracely Arambula has done it all. She’s an actress, singer, entrepreneur, model, and now she can add TV host to her resume. She will be hosting Telemundo’s Master Chef Latino. The show will air in 2018.

Aracely Arambula Fights Back Bikini Pic Haters

Aracely Arambula shared this pic on Instagram – showing off a behind angle in a bikini – which caused many to attack and criticize her on social media. However, Ara did not sit back quietly. She responded to the hate saying “¿Cómo les arde a las envidiosas que ponga esta foto, y si la subo […]

Aracely Arambula and Manola Diez in Bitter Battle Over Kid Soccer Pics

Aracely Arambula and Manola Diez were close friends…but no more. Here is what happened… The actresses’ sons play on competing soccer teams and Manola’s son won a recent game against Aracely’s son – so she posted a photo on social media celebrating the win and Aracely’s son came out in the pic. Well, Aracely did […]