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Taina Sues Anuel AA Over AIDS Lyric in His Song

Noris ‘Taina’ Diaz, a host in Puerto Rico, is suing Urban music star Anuel AA for defamation and invasion of privacy. She is not happy with a lyric in one of Anuel’s songs – specifically in a diss track against Cosculluela. Anuel raps “Sigue clavando patos en la cabina, que te va a dar SIDA […]

Anuel AA New Diss Track Deemed Homophobic

Anuel AA has released a new diss track, this time aimed at Cosculluela – but many of his own fans are not liking it for being homophobic. Some of his followers have gotten the attention of the media in Puerto Rico for their take on the new song – which uses the words ‘maricon’, ‘pato’ […]

Anuel AA Says He Would be Pablo Escobar or Fidel Castro

Anuel AA is not afraid of being the bad guy. The Urban music star is causing some controversy with a post on Instagram in which he says “Si yo fuera de Colombia yo fuera Pablo y si yo fuera de Cuba Fidel!!”. The caption accompanies a photo himself wearing a Darth Vader mask while flashing […]