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Antonio Banderas Shows Off Girlfriend at Cannes

Antonio Banderas is in Cannes…with his new girlfriend! The actor arrived proudly showing off his new lady – a Dutch woman named Nicole Kimpel. He sure looks happy. So does she.

Antonio Banderas Reveals Moment His Girl Problems Started

This is hysterical. Antonio Banderas has shared an adorable pic of his childhood on Facebook and captioned it: “My problems with women started here.” Talk about a #TBT!

Antonio Banderas Apologizes to Daughter in Acceptance Speech

Antonio Banderas is apologizing…to his daughter. He received an Honorary Goya Award for his lifetime achievement in film and in his speech he said sorry. Basically, he said that his daughter paid the price because he wasn’t able to be there for her so many times and that he apologizes. Kind of deep actually.

Antonio Banderas Debuts New Girlfriend

Same place…different woman. Antonio Banderas almost always heads to Malaga, Spain for the holidays and this year he did the same, but with different company. No longer is Melanie Griffith in tow with the actor…he is now being accompanied by his new girlfriend. He certainly has a type!

Antonio Banderas Points Out Carlos Slim Scholarship Achievements

Through his foundation, Carlos Slim has offered yet another 10,000 scholarships and Antonio Banderas was right there to point it out. The actor gave a speech saying that Carlos has given back to the community. He also noted that the second richest man in the world has provided scholarships to 240,000 students – to which […]