Antonio Banderas Archives

Antonio Banderas Will Play a Trapped Chilean Miner

Remember the Chilean miners that were trapped underground for 69 days?? Well, you probably know they are coming out with movie about all of that drama and suspense. It was announced at Cannes that Antonio Banderas will act in it! He will play the leader Mario Sepúlveda and the movie is being titled “The 33″.

Antonio Banderas to be Honored in Acapulco

Another accolade for Antonio Banderas. The Spanish leading man is going to be honored at the Acapulco Film Festival in November. Antonio will spend three days in the coastal Mexican city and will also take advantage of that to make a video to help boost the tourism there. So basically it’s Acapulco scratching Antonio’s back […]

Antonio Banderas is Quien Magazine’s Sexiest

Hello sexy! Quien magazine has released their list of the twelve sexiest men and they feature Mr. Antonio Banderas on their cover for this feature! Impressive considering he is no spring chicken – but sexiness doesn’t go by age so we applaud this choice! Do you??

Antonio Banderas & Penelope Cruz Together

The dream team!! Antonio Banderas and Penelope Cruz have signed up to star in a new movie together. There’s another detail that makes this even more special! It’s a Pedro Almodovar film! Best. News. Ever.

Antonio Banderas Takes Ana de la Reguera to Event

What’s this about? Antonio Banderas traveled to Mexico to attend an event to promote his fragrance. He was accompanied by Ana De La Reguera. Of course, we wondered what for…but then we realized that here we are talking about it so perhaps that’s the answer.