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Antonio Banderas Ready to Play Pablo Picasso

It’s all about timing! Several years ago, Antonio Banderas was offered the chance to play Pablo Picasso in a movie – and he turned it down. Well the opportunity has presented itself again and this time Antonio is going to do it! He says he now feels he can properly interpret the artist since he […]

Antonio Banderas Gets His Own Expendables 3 Poster Too

Victor Ortiz isn’t the only one with his own poster for “The Expendables 3″! Antonio Banderas is also in the film and here is his shot. With both Victor and Antonio in the movie, we are not missing this at all!

Antonio Banderas Poses With His Chilean Miner Character at Premiere

Antonio Banderas and the cast of the movie about the Chilean miners gathered to officially present the film at a premiere. It was great to see the actors together but not as great as seeing Antonio posing with Mario Sepulveda – the miner that he plays in the movie!

Celebs Who Have Played Real Life People

Since everyone is once again talking about the Jenni Rivera biopic, we’ve decided to take a look back at the most memorable performances by actors playing real life people. CLICK HERE to see! Oh, and if we missed one that you know about – then let us know in the comments!

Antonio Banderas and Alejandro Sanz Duetting For a Good Cause

Antonio Banderas is backing up a benefit gala in Spain and it looks like he may be singing a duet with a special someone! Alejandro Sanz offered to sing with the actor to raise more money for the event. Antonio said that he will do it because it will be for a good cause. He […]