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Angelique Boyer in No Rush For Marriage or Kids

Angelique Boyer is in no rush to get married or have kids. She spoke with “El Universal” and flat out mentioned that there are no plans for her to have children in the near future. She said: “Es algo muy pronto para mí. Estoy muy consciente de la responsabilidad que implica tener hijos y no […]

Angelique Boyer a White Disaster

What was she thinking??? Angelique Boyer looked like a bride scorned by her dressmaker. The see-through, the feathers, the WINGS! She should have used them to fly away. Just bad bad bad.

Angelique Boyer Hospitalized While on Vacation

Angelique Boyer is in Spain vacationing with boyfriend Sebastian Rulli – but her vacay plans were interrupted. She came down with something and had to be hospitalized. The actress hasn’t disclosed the details of her ailment. Angelique did post this pic with the hospital staff and she looks just fine – so there’s nothing to […]

Tres Veces Ana Gets Two Hour Showings on Premiere Week

Univision is really pushing for a hit with their latest novela premiere. “Tres Veces Ana”, starring Angelique Boyer and Sebastian Rulli, will debut on Monday night and the network is clearing the path to make sure people tune in. They are putting “Yago” on hold for a week and it will return on May 30th […]

Angelique Boyer Playing Triplets in Lucero Novela Remake

Lots of news to cover here. First, Angelique Boyer is acting opposite boyfriend Sebastian Rulli yet again – this time in the telenovela “Frente Al Mismo Rostro”. Second, David Zepeda is also one of the leads of the novela. Third, Angelique says that this will be the last time she works with Sebastian because she […]