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Angelique Boyer Wears Dress Backwards on Red Carpet

Angelique Boyer pulled an interesting move at Premios TV y Novelas. The actress showed up to the red carpet wearing a gold dress, but later on was seen with the same dress in a different format. What actually happened was that she wore the dress backwards on the carpet. She later jokingly said that it […]

Angelique Boyer Cleft Palate Pic Goes Viral

Fans are surprised finding out that Angelique Boyer had a cleft palate when she was a child. There is a photo of the actress as a child going around that has gone viral. The truth is that Angelique shared the pic about three years ago but it once again became a hot topic on social […]

Angelique Boyer Fans Worried She May be Too Thin

Angelique Boyer has her fans worried – and it’s all over recent pics she posted on social media. The actress published photos of herself, as most people do, but her followers noticed that she is looking thinner now. Gone is her famous round face and it’s substituted by a more gaunt look. Her body also […]

Sebastian Rulli Reveals Why He Hasn’t Married Angelique Boyer

Why haven’t Angelique Boyer and Sebastian Rulli gotten married?? He explains why. He told the press “Dicen que el matrimonio es la causa principal de los divorcios entonces, no lo sé. La verdad es que uno se lleva sorpresas, ¿no? Cuando firmas no sabes lo que firmas y cuando quieres salirte de repente todo cambia.” […]

Angelique Boyer Between TV Azteca and Televisa

Is Angelique Boyer headed to TV Azteca? Perhaps! The actress, who was catapulted to stardom on Televisa, no longer has an exclusive contract with that TV network so she could be making a move. It’s being said that she is meeting with Azteca execs and will start to appear on some shows as a special […]