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Angelica Rivera Gives Enrique Peña Nieto a Cold Freezing Look

See, even Presidents and First Ladies have their moments of marital misery!! The King and Queen of Spain visited Mexico last week and Enrique Peña Nieto and Angelica Rivera toured around with them proudly showing off the wonders of their country. The foursome were visiting a history museum and the First Lady went to reach […]

Angelica Rivera and Queen Letizia Make Hola Cover

Angelica Rivera and Queen Letizia on the cover of “Hola” together. No, it isn’t a posed photograph, but it could very well be. The Spanish Royals visited Mexico this past week and Mexico’s President and First Lady spent plenty of time with them during their stay. Politics aside, everyone focused on the fashion face-off between […]

Sofia Castro Has Elegant Graduation Celebration

Everything big big BIG! Sofia Castro recently celebrated her graduation – and instead of doing a small shindig, they went the elegant formal route. You know, because that’s totally relatable and makes them more appealing. NOT. Angelica Rivera and family posed like it was some royal family event and the pics even made their way […]

Angelica Rivera and Sofia Castro Wear Ultra Expensive Clothing in UK

Do they just not think or care anymore??\ Angelica Rivera attended a fancy gala put on by the British Royal Family – and social media exploded with details of her dress. After all of the drama with the house and the millions it cost to build, now comes this! The Valentino design cost over three […]

Ana De La Reguera Blasts Angelica Rivera With One Epic Tweet

Ana De La Reguera is our hero!! The actress heard about Angelica Rivera‘s claims that she bought a 7 million dollar house with her own money from working at Televisa – so she published one of the most epic tweets ever. She wrote: “Damn…Why did I go to Azteca and later to L.A. if they […]