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Chantal Andere Celebrates Baby Shower With Famous Friends

Chantal Andere is over the moon with her pregnancy. The actress celebrated her baby shower and it was a fancy one…in anticipation of welcoming baby Sebastian! Of course, many of her famous friends – like Angelica Rivera and Lucero – showed up! CLICK HERE to see some pics!

Celebs and Their Holly Jolly Christmas in PICS

Ho ho ho! Christmas is done and over with – so let’s take a quick look at how some celebs spent the holiday! By a tree, giving gifts, posing with Santa…the photo opps were endless. Take, for example, Jennifer Lopez. Check her out in red pajamas preparing food boricua style! Yum! CLICK HERE to check […]

Angelica Rivera Posts Romantic Anniversary Message to President Hubby

Mexico’s First Lady gets mushy on her third wedding anniversary. Angelica Rivera published a message on Facebook for President Enrique Peña Nieto. It said:

Enrique Peña Nieto and Angelica Rivera Sooooo Excited Over Mexico’s Win

Goooooooooool! Mexico beat out New Zealand in a victorious soccer match and this pic was too good to not share. President Enrique Peña Nieto and First Lady Gaviota Angelica Rivera couldn’t contain their excitement and literally screamed in harmony with the score. Kinda cool to see them let loose like this.

Angelica Rivera Hangs With World Leaders

It used to be that Angelica Rivera hung out with other actresses…not anymore. Mexico’s First Lady is now chilling with important folk like Ireland’s President and his wife, the First Lady. Angelica is so done with novela actors. She’s all about world leaders now.