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Galilea Montijo and Andrea Legarreta Prove They Are Friends

There’s a rumor that Galilea Montijo and Andrea Legarreta are no longer friends – and it got worse thanks to a party. Gali had a party to celebrate her birthday and all her friends were there. Noticeably absent was Andrea! Why would she be the only ‘friend’ missing out?? Media and fans concluded that this […]

Andrea Legarreta Facing Blood Cell Disease

Andrea Legarreta has revealed that she is suffering from a rare disease. She called in to “Hoy” to calm the fear of her fans – who hears rumors of a severe illness taking over her body. Andrea has let everyone know that she is facing Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura – when the immune system mistakenly attacks […]

Andrea Legarreta Did Not Make Fun of Guy Selling Empanadas

Andrea Legarreta is fighting back online. There was a rumor going around the net that she made fun of a guy for selling empanadas – so she quickly took to social media to deny the story. She says: “Cuánta cobardía se encuentra en las redes a veces. Cuanta bajeza, maldad, y cobardía existe en algunos […]

Andrea Legarreta Explains Why She Fainted

Andrea Legarreta is doing just fine after fainting on the set of “Hoy” – she talked to “Formula Espectacular” to explain what happened. She said: “Lo que sucedió fue que de pronto mi cuerpo se puso como muy rígido, incluso hablar me costó un poco de trabajo al recuperarme y ya después me llevaron al […]

Andrea Legarreta Faints on Set of Hoy

Andrea Legarreta fainted as she finished shooting “Hoy” and was taken to the hospital. Her costars talked to “Quien” magazine and said Galilea Montijo fortunately was by her side to catch her. Andrea is under medical attention, getting tests done to determine what happened. She is resting and is expected back on the show very […]