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Raul Araiza Kisses Andrea Legarreta on Lips to Prove All is Good

Andrea Legarreta and Raul Araiza are REALLY trying to show everyone they are friends. A few days ago, Raul and Andrea had a public dispute on live television – and they both quickly denied having beef with each other and even high-fived on the set for all to see. Well, it seems that wasn’t enough. […]

Andrea Legarreta and Raul Araiza All Cool Again

It seems all is good between Andrea Legarreta and Raul Araiza. After their apparent moment of tension on live television, the two gave each other a high five and held hands while smiling. This all happened while Galilea Montijo talked about how things can get out of context because of social media. She said “Desgraciadamente […]

Andrea Legarreta and Raul Araiza Conflict on Air

Andrea Legarreta and Raul Araiza had a tiff on live TV that they can’t seem to get over! It all happened during a cheesy game on the show “Hoy” – one that Raul was leading – and he noticed that Andrea at one point whispered “”estaba de flojera” to Galilea Montijo. He did not like […]

Galilea Montijo and Andrea Legarreta Diss Atala Sarmiento

Did Galilea Montijo and Andrea Legarreta diss Atala Sarmiento?? Looks like it!! Atala was the guest on “Hoy” on Thursday but neither Gali or Andrea were present today. It’s not secret that Galilea and Andrea don’t like Atala because of the rumors and gossip she has spread about them in the past – which is […]

Andrea Legarreta Talks Galilea, Magda, and Erik Rumors

Andrea Legarreta cleared up several rumors on an Instagram post. Yep, she posted a pic of her family and wrote a lengthy caption to discuss all of the gossip that has been said about her in recent days. About her alleged beef with new “Hoy” producer Magda Rodriguez, Andrea said “Lo del supuesto pleito con […]