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Anahi Releases Book

Anahi is now a published author. She has released a book titled “Valiente.” In it she shares her pregnancy and motherhood experience, tips that worked for her, including why she consumed her placenta. “Valiente nació en mi corazón para acompañar a las futuras mamás en el maravilloso proceso del embarazo. Puse mi corazón en este […]

Anahi Apologizing For Superficial Comment at Earthquake Site

Anahi is apologizing for what she said in a live video a few days ago. She visited several damaged sites in Mexico that were shaken up by the earthquake – and, at one point live on social media, said her hair was messed up and she didn’t have makeup on. The singer was trying to […]

Anahi Criticized For Pushing Political Agenda After Earthquake

Anahi did a good thing by visiting the region in Mexico that was hit hardest by the earthquake a few days ago…and she is still being criticized for it. She stopped by to spend some time with those in need after the 8.2 quake did major damage – but it’s what she said that has […]

Anahi Hand Brace Alarms Fans

Anahi alarmed her fans with a simple picture on social media. Ricky Martin performed in Chiapas and she went backstage to talk to Ricky and get her photo taken with him. She posted it on Instagram but her fans didn’t focus on Ricky…they focused on her hand. They noticed she was wearing a brace and […]

Anahi Fans Going Nuts Thinking She Got Plastic Surgery on Face

Anahi‘s fans are going nuts over a pic she posted on Instagram – thinking she got plastic surgery on her face. The photo you see here is the hot topic debate on her social media right now with followers pointing out how different she looks…and most disappointment that she succumbed to getting work done. However, […]