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Ana Patricia Shares Baby Shower

Ana Patricia shared her baby shower with others! The celebration took place on “Despierta America” and four other expecting moms celebrated as well and received gifts. They got diaper bags, strollers, and a few other necessities for their babies. Pretty awesome of Ana P and the show to not make it all about her!

Ana Patricia Gonzalez, Barbara Bermudo, Alejandra Espinoza Pose Bumps

Three in one…or actually six in one! Ana Patricia Gonzalez, Barbara Bermudo, and Alejandra Espinoza posed together with their baby bumps together as well. Univision talent all knocked up! Who’s next??

Despierta America Finding Its Perfect Balance

Great energy is happening over at “Despierta America”. Univision seems to finally be back on track with the show and it’s cast of hosts. They are hip, happening, fresh, charismatic, young, and it seems that they all get along. As you can see here in the photo with Johnny Lozada, Karla Martinez, Ana Patricia Gonzalez, […]

Jennifer Lopez Also Rubs on Ana Patricia Gonzalez’s Baby Bump

Jennifer Lopez traveled to Miami to promote her movie “The Boy Next Door” – but it might as well have been a baby bump feel-up tour! She not only rubbed on Adamari Lopez‘s belly, she did the same with Ana Patricia Gonzalez. Gotta say that’s pretty cute.

Ana Patricia Gonzalez Having a Girl

Ana Patricia Gonzalez knows what the sex of her baby is…actually the whole world does! The TV host had a live sonogram on “Despierta America” and it’s a…GIRL! Ana P revealed she is naming the baby Giulietta. Exciting!!