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Caso Cerrado Video Eases Fans Worries About Show Being Canceled

What’s going on with “Caso Cerrado”?? Because of The World Cup and “Exatlon”, “Caso Cerrado” has been off the air – and there have been rumors about the show being canceled. However, Telemundo put those gossip stories to rest with an Instagram post of Ana Maria Polo saying she’ll be back and she’s preparing new […]

Telemundo Says Caso Cerrado Not Canceled

There is a rumor going around that “Caso Cerrado” has been canceled…but Telemundo says NOPE. Right now, the program has been moved aside for the World Cup coverage, but fans of Dr. Ana Maria Polo are worried that her show will be taken off the air permanently. The network responded to these fears, saying “Caso […]

Ana Maria Polo Faces Two Million Dollar Lawsuit

Dr. Ana Maria Polo faces a two million dollar lawsuit over the rights to the name of the television program. The lawsuit was filed by the show’s former executive producer, Marlene Key. According to a few media outlets, Dr. Polo transferred all of her property to Key at a time when Polo was ill. According […]

Rashel Diaz Sues Daniel Sarcos in Hysterical Caso Cerrado Skit

Ana Maria Polo, Rashel Diaz, Daniel Sarcos, and Christian Acosta have come together to create a hysterical case of “Caso Cerrado” and we are loving it! Rashel and Daniel are competing in the same category in Premios Tu Mundo so she sues him for some nonsense. La doctora plays the judge, of course, and Christian […]

Ana Maria Polo Responds to Angry Fans With Informative Statement

Ana Maria Polo upset a lot of Puerto Ricans by saying the economic situation is so bad in PR that mothers are now selling their kids. Many people took this as an insult and called for a boycott of her show “Caso Cerrado.” La doctora issued a statement not really to apologize…but to inform. The […]