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Ana De La Reguera Car Parts Stolen

Well this just sucks! Ana De La Reguera parked her car in front of her home in Los Angeles…and it was vandalized! The front headlights were ripped off and stolen. The actress called the authorities and they are investigating, though we’re assuming it’s going to be extremely difficult to find those responsible for this crime.

Ana De La Reguera Dinner Date With Boyfriend and In-Laws

Oh it’s on!! Ana de la Reguera and her boyfriend, the chef Mario Carbone, are looking pretty serious right about now. Why do we say that?? Well, check her out here with Mario…and his parents!! Dinner with the folks = serious relationship.

Ana De La Reguera Blasts Angelica Rivera With One Epic Tweet

Ana De La Reguera is our hero!! The actress heard about Angelica Rivera‘s claims that she bought a 7 million dollar house with her own money from working at Televisa – so she published one of the most epic tweets ever. She wrote: “Damn…Why did I go to Azteca and later to L.A. if they […]

Ana De La Reguera Angers GLAAD With Instagram Post

Ana De La Reguera angered GLAAD with a message and picture she posted on Instagram. She took a photo of her makeup artist while he was sleeping and

Celebs Strike Funny Poses at One Fun Holiday Party

Office holiday parties are starting to happen all over the world – and that includes the entertainment world! Talent manager Luis Balaguer held his festivity in Miami and many famous faces showed up – like Giselle Blondet, Maria Elena Salinas, Christian Meier, Ana De La Reguera, Felipe Viel, Raul De Molina, Alejandra Espinoza, Karla Monroig, […]