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Ana Brenda Contreras DID Get Married

Ana Brenda Contreras DID get married! It was reported that she had eloped in Las Vegas…but she kept her mouth shut about it. Until now. The actress posted this pic online for all to see!! Just married…on March 29, 2013!

Ana Brenda Contreras Eloped in Las Vegas

Did Ana Brenda Contreras already say “I do”?? That’s what “Hola” reports! The magazine confirms that the actress and her man, Alejandro Amaya, eloped in Las Vegas late last year! Their big wedding scheduled for the final months of 2013 is still on…but now they are legally husband and wife!

Ana Brenda Contreras IS Getting Married

Confirmed! She IS getting hitched! We told you that we heard that Ana Brenda Contreras was getting married and it’s very true! The actress revealed that she is indeed saying ‘I do’ with bullfighter Alejandro Amaya. They will become man and wife at the end of 2013.

Ana Brenda Contreras Reportedly Engaged

Engaged?! Seems like it! It’s being said that Ana Brenda Contreras‘ boyfriend, Alejandro Amaya, proposed to her! He apparently set up a romantic dinner and popped the question! We introduced him to you a few weeks ago and mentioned that they make a fantastic looking couple. So, if it’s true…and it appears it is…congrats to […]

Ana Brenda Contreras Singing Corazón Indomable Theme Song

Ana Brenda Contreras is busy shooting Corazón Indomable, which is a Marimar remake. Just like the original, she, being the lead actress, will sing the theme song of the novela. Thalia did the same thing – which basically makes us want to go ‘Oww!’ after we hear the word Marimar! Just for fun, we’ve included […]