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Ana Brenda Shares Rare Bikini Pic

Ana Brenda is usually pretty reserved and private so any moment we get to see her let loose is pretty sweet. The actress shared a bikini pic with her fans on social media…but from behind. Damn, Ana B! Ivan Sanchez is one lucky fella!

Ana Brenda Contreras Talks About Her Relationship With Ivan Sanchez

Little by little, Ana Brenda Contreras is talking more and more. At first, she refused to speak about her relationship with Ivan Sanchez but now she is letting loose. “Hola TV” talked to the actress and, of course, asked about Ivan. Ana B said: “Ni ha sido algo que esconder, ni algo que exponer es […]

Ana Brenda Contreras Keeping Ivan Sanchez Details to Herself

Ana Brenda Contreras really has nothing to say when it comes to her relationship with Ivan Sanchez. Remember, the actor recently announced that he and his wife were splitting and that he was, indeed, hooking up with Ana B. “Pasillo TV” caught up with the actress and asked her about Ivan. She said: “Yo siempre […]

Ivan Sanchez Admits Romantic Relationship With Ana Brenda Contreras

It is on! Ivan Sanchez has confirmed that he and Ana Brenda Contreras are in a romantic relationship. “TV Notas” has published pics of the two on vacation and they are both freely taking their clothes off. The actor spoke to Javier Poza on the radio and admitted that he has split from his wife […]

Ana Brenda’s Ex Marrying Montserrat Olivier’s Supposed Ex

It’s the wedding of the exes! OK, get this… Ana Brenda Contreras‘ ex Alejandro Hank Amaya is getting married to Barbara Coppel, who is supposedly the ex-girlfriend of Montserrat Olivier. “People En Español” reports that they are making it official in Los Cabos on February 6th with a huge wedding celebration that’ll last four days! […]