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Ana Brenda Contreras Proves She and Her Man Are Still On

Just in case there was any doubt as to whether they were still a couple or not. Ana Brenda Contreras admitted to some issues with her marriage to Alejandro Amaya that led them to cancel their religious wedding – but that doesn’t mean it’s over. She published this photo of the two in a Dallas […]

Ana Brenda Contreras Explains Why She Canceled Wedding

Ana Brenda Contreras finally talked about why she canceled her religious wedding to her husband Alejandro Hank Amaya. The two got married via a civil ceremony and she now tells “Sal y Pimienta” the details about their marital crisis. There were rumores about

Ana Brenda Contreras Cancels Wedding, But It’s Not What You Think

Ana Brenda Contreras and Alejandro Amaya were supposed to have their religious wedding this past weekend – but it was a no go. Just five days before, she pulled the

Ana Brenda Contreras and Husband Style It Up For GQ Party

This is one hot couple. Newlyweds Ana Brenda Contreras and Alejandro Amaya attended a “GQ” party in Mexico and both of them styled it up! Our eyes immediately went to AB’s white dress and dramatic hair – but then we noticed Alejandro’s velvet jacket and plaid pants! The couple that styles together stays together!

Daniel Arenas and Ana Brenda Contreras Are Not Friends

Like most onscreen couples, it was being rumored that there was something going on between Daniel Arenas and Ana Brenda Contreras. Well, it’s not true. At all. In fact, they aren’t even friends! “El Gordo y La Flaca” asked the actor about this and he said: