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Ivan Sanchez Admits Romantic Relationship With Ana Brenda Contreras

It is on! Ivan Sanchez has confirmed that he and Ana Brenda Contreras are in a romantic relationship. “TV Notas” has published pics of the two on vacation and they are both freely taking their clothes off. The actor spoke to Javier Poza on the radio and admitted that he has split from his wife […]

Ana Brenda’s Ex Marrying Montserrat Olivier’s Supposed Ex

It’s the wedding of the exes! OK, get this… Ana Brenda Contreras‘ ex Alejandro Hank Amaya is getting married to Barbara Coppel, who is supposedly the ex-girlfriend of Montserrat Olivier. “People En Español” reports that they are making it official in Los Cabos on February 6th with a huge wedding celebration that’ll last four days! […]

Ana Brenda Opens Up About Divorce and Future Love

Ana Brenda is now talking about her divorce from Mexican bullfighter Alejandro Amaya. She talked to “People En Español” about her decision to stay quiet: “Mi reacción fue decir: ‘Me cuido a mí misma, cuido mi corazón, me resguardo con mi familia y no quiero hablar con nadie ni quiero saber nada de nadie” Ana […]

Ana Brenda Contreras Looking Unlike Herself on Hola Cover

Ana Brenda Contreras covers the “Hola” Fall fashion special issue – but something caught our eye. We had to look twice just to be sure! Does Ana B look different to you?? You think the mag maybe went overboard with the touch ups? She’s beautiful, she doesn’t need all that!

People En Español Names Los 25 Más Fashion

They already have ‘Los 50 Más Bellos’…but did you know they also list ‘Los 25 Más Fashion’?? “People En Español” has published a new edition of their magazine naming the most fashionable celebs. Who made the cut?? We have some names. Jennifer Lopez, Sofia Vergara, Genesis Rodriguez, Ana Brenda Contreras, Ricky Martin, William Levy, Rafael […]