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Ana Brenda Contreras Joins Season Two of Dynasty

Ana Brenda Contreras has joined the new season of “Dynasty”! She is basically replacing Nathalie Kelley, who played Cristal, for season two – so Ana Brenda is essentially coming in as the ‘real’ Cristal. This is all part of a soapy plot twist, after the season 1 finale cliffhanger, which ended with Cristal still trapped […]

Ana Brenda Father Passes Away

Ana Brenda Contreras is in mourning over the death of her father. She posted this photo with the message “Siempre serás el amor de mis amores” – confirming the sad news to her followers. According to reports, her dad, Efren Contreras, died at the age of 55 of a heart attack. Our condolences to Ana […]

Ana Brenda Hospitalized With Bad Infection

Ana Brenda has been hospitalized for a week. The actress updated everyone with video from the hospital bed to let everyone know what is going on. She explains that she came down with an infection that spread. Ana B took the opportunity to also tell her fans to see their doctors. She urges her followers […]

Ana Brenda Contreras and Ivan Sanchez on Vanity Fair Cover

Ana Brenda Contreras and Ivan Sanchez are on the cover of “Vanity Fair” together. There was a time that they both denied being a couple, followed by a time they both confirmed being a couple but still didn’t talk to anyone about it. Now they are posing together for a magazine cover and doing a […]

Ivan Sanchez Makes Ana Brenda Cry With Special Spain Tour

Ivan Sanchez has made Ana Brenda cry – but good tears. The two are on vacation in Spain and, since he is from there, he knows the ins and outs to impress her. Ivan knows that Ana Brenda is a big fan of “Don Quixote” so he planned something very special for her. He is […]