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Ana Barbara, Juan Soler, & Daniel Sarcos Host Together

Three will host the Latin Billboard Awards! Ana Barbara, Juan Soler, and Daniel Sarcos are teaming up to put on the show! This is definitely a motley crew, but that’s what makes it interesting. We’ll be there live on Thursday to see how it all goes down!

Ana Barbara Denies Romance With Esteban Loaiza

Ana Barbara romantically linked with Esteban Loaiza?? There was talk that AB is seeing Jenni Rivera‘s husband – but she is denying it completely. She said:

Salma Hayek’s Bro & Ana Barbara’s Bro Make Emergency Landing

Major scare! This morning, Salma Hayek‘s brother and Ana Barbara‘s brother were flying from Mexico City to Los Angeles when suddenly a plane engine caught on fire! It was reported on “Despierta America” that they had to make an emergency landing in Mazatlan, Mexico. Thankfully, they are all OK.

Ana Barbara Stressed Being a Working Mother

It truly isn’t easy! Ana Barbara says that she is a bit stressed right now. Juggling her career and motherhood is hard and the singer admits that she is stressed out right now balancing her responsibilities as a singer and everything having to do with her children. Remember, she has three kids, including one that […]

Ana Barbara Puts Focus on Her Eldest Son

With everyone focusing on Ana Barbara‘s littlest one, it’s no doubt that her other kids may be feeling a little less attention than usual. BUT not from mom. It looks like she is making it a point to dedicate time and focus to each one…like she did here with her eldest. We all may still […]