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Odd Couple : Hugo Chavez and Naomi Campbell

Are Naomi Campbell and Hugo Chavez dating? The Venezuelan press is indicating so…saying that the odd couple have been lovey-dovey for about two months! Can you imagine??? It’s actually not that surprising…they both have a reputation for acting like monsters…monsters that eat people.

Penelope and Javier on Hola!

All of Spain is going crazy over the budding relationship between Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem… Real love, false speculation, or publicity stunt? PS – Javier is looking fit, fit, fit! You go, boy!

Javier and Penelope?

Are Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem the hot new couple on the scene? The two were snapped leaving a restaurant, hugging, and making out. Call us prude, but that’s not something you do with your friends…Check out video footage HERE.

Jaime and Anahi Together?

It seems that one of our favorites, Jaime Camil, and one of our not-so-favorites, Anahi of RBD, are an item. They were caught canoodling very much like a couple at a restaurant. Check it out for yourself… We didn’t know he was into girls who look like 12 year-old boys!!!! What are your thoughts on […]

Alejandro Finds New Love Interest

Hola! is claiming that the ever horny Alejandro Sanz is boinking his assistant Raquel Pereda. He can’t keep Alejandro Jr. in his pants for more than five minutes!