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Alicia Villarreal Under Strict Rules During Limite Days

Alicia Villarreal is sharing some disconcerting details about her life during her run with Limite. In the early stages of her career, Alicia was the lead singer of the music group…but they had some strict rules for her to follow. She spoke with ‘Ventaneando’ and said that she was not allowed to have a boyfriend […]

Alicia Villarreal Walking Right Back In to the Spotlight

Alicia Villarreal is back! The singer performed on “La Reina de la Cancion” – and let it be known that she has a new album coming out. It’s been years since she has been in the spotlight but she promises that she is getting back to her roots and essence with new songs produced by […]

Alicia Villarreal Answers if Husband Made Her Leave Spotlight

Alicia Villarreal is back! After performing in Mexico, a Univision reporter caught up with her to ask a few things. Alicia said she is grateful to her patient fans for waiting for her and that she ready to take the stage again. When asked if her husband forced her to leave the spotlight to tend […]

Alicia Villarreal, Cruz Martinez, Arturo Carmona Celebrate Hija’s Quinceañera

This weekend Alicia Villarreal‘s daughter celebrated her Quinceañera – and we’ve got lots of points to discuss. – She’s fifteen already?? – Alicia is a redhead now! – Despite the rumors, Alicia and Cruz Martinez are still very much together. – Daughter looks just like mom! – And our favorite…Cruz and Arturo Carmona were both […]

Alicia Villarreal a Judge on La Academia Kids

Alicia Villarreal is back! Well, not really. She has signed on to be a judge on “La Academia Kids” for Azteca TV. clued us in that Alicia will be joined by young Regional Mexican star Luis Coronel and singer/actress Lolita Cortes. Where have you been hiding, Alicia??!