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Alicia Machado Responds to Donald Trump’s Win

Alicia Machado has responded to Donald Trump‘s presidential win. She said “Los que esperan mi ‘reacción’ Dignamente triste, pero con la satisfacción de haber hecho lo que debía hacer. Seguimos trabajando con amor.” Wonder what her reaction would have been had it been Hillary Clinton.

Alicia Machado Misses The Mark at Latin AMAs

Alicia Machado missed the mark. All the attention is on her right now, but that’s not a good thing when you have a dress that’s not flattering on you.

Alicia Machado Popularity Sky Rockets After Debate

Alicia Machado is more famous then ever! She got name-dropped by Hillary Clinton at the first presidential debate, followed by a video campaign release that she stars in for Hillary, and, of course, Donald Trump‘s attacks on her on Twitter. With both White House hopefuls mentioning her left and right, her popularity has sky-rocketed! According […]

Alicia Machado Responds to Donald Trump’s Twitter Attack

Alicia Machado has responded to Donald Trump‘s backlash on her. He says she was the worst Miss Universe, questions her past, and even claims that she is the star of a sex tape. Alicia isn’t staying quiet and is giving it back to Trump just as loudly as he is being on social media. Check […]

Alicia Machado Sex Tape Truth

Donald Trump has counterattacked Alicia Machado…with false claims. The Republican presidential candidate lashed out on the former Miss Universe on social media by questioning her past and saying she’s been the star of a sex tape. The truth is Alicia has posed twice for “Playboy” magazine and once apparently hooked up with a contestant on […]