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Alicia Machado Takes No Child Support From Baby Daddy

Alicia Machado has broken her silence on the father of her daughter. Even though she has never revealed who he is, there is talk that he is a Mexican business – and some say it could possibly even be someone involved in the illegal drug biz. Alicia spoke to “Suelta La Sopa” and said “Yo […]

Alicia Machado Scoffs at Marc Anthony and Maluma Joke Kiss

Marc Anthony performed at the Music Cares Gala in New York and jokingly kissed Maluma on stage – by placing his hand on his mouth and smooching his own hand. Alicia Machado did not like it at all. “People En Español” posted the video on Instagram and the former beauty queen commented “Coño lo que […]

Alicia Machado Posts Bare Breasts to Celebrate Surgery Well Done

Alicia Machado is causing an uproar on social media after posting her bare breasts. You see, she got her boobs done for a fourth time and she is proudly showing them off saying “¡Mi gente bella! La salud es todo y la vanidad un poco se deja. Después de cuatro cirugías de mamas, ahora sí […]

Alicia Machado Laughs at Lili Estefan For Separation From Husband

Alicia Machado let Lili Estefan have it on social media. Here’s how it went down…Ana Maria Canseco often times uses her Instagram profile to update her fans on news and she reported on Lili separating from her husband after 28 years of being together. Alicia commented saying “Aaaaaaa Pobrecita… ¿pero el cuerno es con una […]

Alicia Machado Sends Hate to Gloria Trevi

The battle between Alicia Machado and Gloria Trevi has picked up once again. The two have bickered in the past, and their rivalry was brought up in an Instagram Live Alicia held. The former beauty queen answered “Y dale con la necedad de lo de Gloria Trevi…si le digo al presidente de este país y […]