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Alicia Machado Posts Kiss Pic With Donald Trump

Alicia Machado posted a pic of Donald Trump. Huh?? And with a nice message. Double huh?? The former Miss Universe has had a heated past with DT – he called her Miss Piggy when she gained weight after winning the crown. Alicia attacked him in the mainstream media during his presidential campaign and he questioned […]

Alicia Machado Calls Someone Human Waste After Getting Burned on Instagram

It’s not just Marjorie De Sousa that is fighting Alicia Machado back with words…the actress is also getting blasted online by some outspoken peeps. You see, it all started when Alicia criticized Marjorie for how she is handling the situation with her baby and Julian Gil – and some people started pointing out her own […]

Marjorie De Sousa Responds to Alicia Machado’s Criticism

Marjorie De Sousa has finally responded to Alicia Machado‘s ‘suggestion’ to her. After seeing the continuous drama between Marjorie and Julian Gil over their son, Alicia said “Dios, pobre bebé. Me avergüenza…Que alguien la haga reaccionar, aquí y en cualquier lugar del mundo lo que le está haciendo a su propio hijo se llama maltrato […]

Alicia Machado Gives Marjorie de Sousa Some Advice

Want to know how to make the Julian Gil – Marjorie de Sousa drama even nuttier?? Add some Alicia Machado! Upon seeing the reborn chaos between Julia and Marjorie and their battle over their son, Matias, Alicia decided to give some suggestions, you know, mother to mother. She said “Dios, pobre bebé. Me avergüenza. Si […]

Alicia Machado Takes Back Insinuating Luis Miguel Is Not Packing

Alicia Machado is retracting from what she said about Luis Miguel. You may not know, but they dated briefly in 1996 – and three years ago, on Estrella TV’s “Rica la Noche”, she alluded that he has a small member. Now she is taking it back. She was on “Hoy” and was asked about her […]