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Alfonso Herrera Was Cause of End of RBD

We now know why RBD came to its end. The Pop group that was formed from a telenovela rose to fame on an international level and then ended in 2008. Turns out Alfonso Herrera did not want to continue. In a new interview, he said “El contrato se acababa en 2008 y en 2008 nosotros […]

Alfonso Herrera and Miguel Angel Silvestre Netflix Show Canceled

Fans of seeing Alfonso Herrera and Miguel Angel Silvestre as a couple are out of luck. “Sense8″, the show they play a homosexual couple in, has been canceled after two seasons. The statement from Netflix does not cite a specific reason for the cancelation, stating only “[Sense8] is everything we dreamed it would be: bold, […]

Alfonso Herrera Now a Father

Alfonso Herrera is now a father!!! The former singer and now actor has revealed on Instagram that his baby was born. The message was simple…”Bienvenido.” Congrats!! The RBD gang is all grown up!

Alfonso Herrera Denies Being Gay

There are rumors that Alfonso Herrera is gay…simply because he played a homosexual character in the movie “Sense 8″. There are scenes in which he is in bed with actor Miguel Angel Silvestre and certain media are saying that this is his way of slowly coming out. Poncho spoke about this with “Shangay” magazine, saying: […]

Poncho Herrera and Miguel Angel Silvestre Gay Kiss Scene Hits The Net

A scene from the upcoming series “Sense8″ is making the rounds on the Internet – and it’s all over a kiss. Poncho Herrera and Miguel Angel Silvestre full on make out in a scene atop of a gay pride parade in Brazil. The actors started with a peck, then went in full lip lock…and even […]