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Alexis of Alexis y Fido Gets Married

Alexis, of Alexis y Fido, got married! The Puerto Rican music star shared an adorable message on social media describing how much in love he is at this moment. He said: “Hoy puedo llamarte esposa … Tienes las cualidades mas hermosas que e conocido en una mujer,por eso tenia q luchar por ti y convertirte […]

Alexis y Fido Get Fonseca and Kevin Roldan For Remix

Puerto Rico and Colombia go hand in hand musically and here is another example. Alexis y Fido already have a hit on their hands with “Una en un Millon” and now they are making it even bigger with a remix version. They have invited Colombian artists Fonseca and Kevin Roldan to collaborate on a different […]

Alexis Ortiz and Gredmarie Colon Officially Divorced

Alexis Ortiz, of the duo Alexis & Fido, and Gredmarie Colon are divorced. The two were spotted walking out of the courthouse that made it all official – and both were visibly sad. They said that no matter the reasons for a split, it’s never easy. The urban music star and the television host both […]

Paulina Rubio Works With Alexis y Fido

Paulina Rubio fans have been waiting for new music from La Chica Dorada. Well, they’re about to get it…but in a surprising way! She recorded a song with Alexis y Fido. The song is called “Si Te Vas”. Don’t you love when pop acts try to get street cred with reggaeton artists??

Alexis y Fido Premiere Video With La Voz Kid Winner Cameo

Alexis y Fido have a new one out. Their latest music video is for their song “Santa de mi Devoción.” The vid was shot beautifully in Puerto Rico and another interesting element is that it stars Jonael Santiago, winner of “La Voz Kids”! CLICK HERE to see it!!