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Aleks Syntek Channels 80s Pop Songs From Spain

Aleks Syntek has a new album out with a special theme. He showed up to the press conference on a motorcycle and revealed that his new album, “Transatlantico”, is an homage to a specific genre in music. He made the album as a tribute to the Pop idols of Spain in the 80s. Aleks says […]

Cristian Castro and Aleks Syntek Want Reality Show

Cristian Castro and Aleks Syntek have been performing on stage together and it seems that the chemistry is right on. Both singers agree that they make a good team which is why they plan on doing more together. Up next?? They want a reality show! Cristian and Aleks want the cameras around at all times […]

Aleks Syntek Hosting Asombrosamente

Aleks Syntek is hosting a new television show – and it has nothing to do with music. He is host “Asombrosamente” on Nat Geo and it’s a very peculiar program. It basically touches on different subjects of the human psyche, researches different topics, and investigates science behind certain subject matter that most don’t give a […]

Aleks Syntek and Cristian Castro Touring Together

Aleks Syntek and Cristian Castro are going on tour together!! The two are planning to perform in concert together like many big singers now do as a pair. They came up with the idea after recording two songs together and seeing that the public liked the combo. Are you going to see Aleks and Cristian […]

Aleks Syntek Hangs With Steven Tyler

Does Aerosmith have a Latino star bucket list?? We say this because the group was recently with Draco Rosa and now Steven Tyler is hanging out with Aleks Syntek!! Who’s next??! Juanes? Alejandro Sanz?? La Tigresa???