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Alejandro Sanz Grandfather Passed Away

Alejandro Sanz‘s grandfather has passed away. The singer shared the sad news on social media saying “Hoy se nos fue nuestro Teo. Nuestro abuelo Sanzero. Te queremos, abu.” He added “Te preguntabas si me daría cuenta. No es que me dé cuenta es que te voy a echar mucho de menos, guapo. Tu familia Sanzera […]

Alejandro Sanz Lets Everyone Know He and Shakira Sang in Spanish at VMAs First

Alejandro Sanz is saying NOT SO FAST to Maluma. You see, the Colombian singer is going around sharing that he was the first artist to sing in Spanish at the MTV VMAs and therefore made history. However, Alejandro is letting him know that he is wrong. The Spanish singer posted a video of his performance […]

James Rodriguez Hanging With Alejandro Sanz in Miami

Look who got to hanging out together!! James Rodriguez is in Miami with his team Bayern Munich and he is enjoying his last few days off hanging out with Alejandro Sanz. The two have sprung a friendship even taking it to social media and commenting on each other’s photos. New bromance??!

Alejandro Sanz Publicly Apologizes to Son For Missing His Concert

Alejandro Sanz is publicly apologizing to his son. The Spanish singer is saying sorry for not keeping a promise with his son. Alejandro told him he would attend a jazz concert he was performing in…but did not end up going. His son plays trombone and wanted to show his dad his skills…but dad simply forgot […]

Alejandro Sanz and Maluma Battle Out on Social Media

Alejandro Sanz is telling Maluma he needs to learn respect and camaraderie. Maluma got on social media and was basically making fun of one of Alejandro’s songs from 25 years ago. He was giggling nonstop and poking fun at the track. Alejandro got wind of it all and had some choice words to say to […]