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Alejandro Fernandez Drops Lawsuit Against Luis Miguel

Alejandro Fernandez has dropped his lawsuit against Luis Miguel. As you know, El Potrillo had sued El Sol de Mexico for backing out on their joint tour. He claimed breach of contract, loss of wages, fraud, and damaging his image. However, it looks like their legal battle is over. Mara Patricia Castañeda reports that both […]

Luis Miguel Ex Parties With Alejandro Fernandez

Luis Miguel and Desiree Ortiz broke up just a few weeks ago. Shortly after, the Venezuelan model was seen at the Alejandro Fernandez presentation in Jalisco. Well, they were seen together again, this time partying after the Latin Grammys in Las Vegas. It’s still not clear if they are dating, if it’s a publicity stunt […]

Alejandro Fernandez Shows Support For Lili Estefan at Concert

Alejandro Fernandez did Lili Estefan a solid. At his concert in Las Vegas on Friday night, he sang “Que Seas Muy Feliz” – and at the end of the song he said, “Ahí te va, Lili!” Look like he is showing support for Lili Estefan who has given him so much love throughout the years. […]

Alejandro Fernandez Kept Singing During Earthquake

Alejandro Fernandez versus an earthquake! Mexico was shaken up by an 8.1 quake that scared its citizens for a good minute – with people not knowing what to do during the disaster. El Potrillo was on stage at a concert during the quake and didn’t feel it!! He kept on singing as his concertgoers starting […]

Alejandro Fernandez Support For Julion Alvarez and Rafa Marquez

Alejandro Fernandez is sticking up for Julion Alvarez and Rafa Marquez! The drug trafficking accusations against them are majorly serious so it would be no surprise if other celebs stay quiet. In fact, it’s very surprising that a famoso HAS stuck his head out for them in their defense. El Potrillo has tweeted a message […]