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Camila Fernandez Thoughts on Alejandro Fernandez Plane Fiasco

When celebrities mess up, the media and the public jump at them with reactions…but what about their friends and family?? What do THEY say?? Well, Camila Fernandez was asked what her thoughts were on her father, Alejandro Fernandez, acting a fool on a plane and showing passengers a plane crash on his phone. She told […]

Alejandro Fernandez Apologizes For Acting a Fool on Flight

Alejandro Fernandez is sorry for acting a fool on a flight. As we told you, the singer made a huge scene on a commercial plane by standing up during the safety demonstration and showing video of a plane crash on his phone. He is now apologizing for his behavior, saying “Ofrezco una disculpa a la […]

Alejandro Fernandez Kicked Off Plane For Seemingly Drunken Behavior

Alejandro Fernandez caused a ruckus on an commercial flight in Mexico…this according to ‘TVNotas.’ The magazine reports that the singer got on the plane drunk and made a big scene. According to a source that talked to the mag, Alejandro was loud and belligerent to the other passengers and the flight attendants. Then when the […]

Alejandro Fernandez and Los Tigres del Norte on One Song

Alejandro Fernandez and Los Tigres del Norte on one song! The single is called “Para Sacarte De Mi Vida” and it tells the story of a breakup and the pain that goes along with it. One of the verses goes “No hay nada que perder, será mejor morir y renacer”. Ouch. The collaboration came to […]

Luis Miguel and Alejandro Fernández Might Tour After All

Alejandro Fernandez and Luis Miguel didn’t just bury the hatchet…it looks like they are giving it another go! The two were programmed to tour together, but it all fell apart. Alejandro ended up suing Luismi for breach of contract, among a few other legal reasons. Well, just days ago, it was announced that they came […]