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Alejandro Fernandez Celebrates Daughters Graduation

Alejandro Fernandez is one proud papa! Camila and America Fernandez are officially graduates! The three celebrated the end of this chapter in their lives with a big party with friends and family. A well deserved fiesta. We know Camila is headed off to study music at Berklee College of Music in Boston, and America will […]

Alejandro Fernandez Looking All Tipsy With Media

Alejandro Fernandez is raising eyebrows AGAIN over his drinking. Just a couple of weeks ago, he was throwing up in the middle of a concert…and now this. The singer was exiting a car when he was surrounded by the press. Normally, Alejandro flees this type of situation, but this time he stuck around for a […]

Alejandro Fernandez Attends Maluma Concert

Maluma is touring in Mexico and just held a concert in Guadalajara. Alejandro Fernandez welcomed him and seems to be a fan because he also attended the concert. The Colombian singer thanked him for going and expressed his admiration and respect towards el Potrillo.

Sergio Mayer Says He Did Not Make Alejandro Fernandez Throw Up

Alejandro Fernandez blamed a cheap tequila for his running off stage to throw up a few days ago – and some people think Sergio Mayer is responsible. There is video that shows El Potrillo saying hello to some people in the front row and then receiving a shot of tequila. The Internet is pointing out […]

Alejandro Fernandez Throws Up in Middle of Concert

Oh boy. Alejandro Fernandez​ almost upchucked onstage in the middle of a concert in Puebla! He was performing and drinking, as he usually does while performing, and at one point started losing his cool as one does before throwing up. The singer walked off stage…we can all guess to actually vomit. It’s assumed he had […]