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Alejandro Fernandez May Go To Rehab

Alejandro Fernandez may go to rehab. This according to Julio Cesar Chavez. The former boxer owns a rehabilitation clinic and said that there have been conversations and due to confidentiality issues, he couldn’t give many details. He also said he’s friends with the singer and his father so it would make sense that he wants […]

Alejandro Fernandez Ridicules Himself in Concert Again

Alejandro Fernandez doesn’t get tired of ridiculing himself in public. He was performing at a palenque in Leon, Guanajuato and when he tried to sit on a monitor, he fell. He quickly addressed the issue on social media and said, “Ahora si me fui de espaldas!! Que buen medio tiempo del #superbowl!! #cuandotemuevenelpiso 😂😂😂 🤷‍♂ […]

Alejandro Fernandez Angry Over Viral Video Accusing Him of Doing Drugs

Alejandro Fernandez went off at his show in Guadalajara, angry about a video that has gone around that internet which supposedly shows him high on drugs. There is a viral vid that shows him singing on stage and constantly touching his nose – and some are saying that it’s clearly drugs. El Potrillo did not […]

Camila Fernandez Thoughts on Alejandro Fernandez Plane Fiasco

When celebrities mess up, the media and the public jump at them with reactions…but what about their friends and family?? What do THEY say?? Well, Camila Fernandez was asked what her thoughts were on her father, Alejandro Fernandez, acting a fool on a plane and showing passengers a plane crash on his phone. She told […]

Alejandro Fernandez Apologizes For Acting a Fool on Flight

Alejandro Fernandez is sorry for acting a fool on a flight. As we told you, the singer made a huge scene on a commercial plane by standing up during the safety demonstration and showing video of a plane crash on his phone. He is now apologizing for his behavior, saying “Ofrezco una disculpa a la […]