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Alejandro Fernandez Accused of Animal Abuse

Alejandro Fernandez is being accused of animal abuse. The disturbing rumor is that he keeps his puppies until they grow to a certain age and simply gets rid of them. The president of an animal organization in Mexico claims that El Potrillo discards his dogs once they grow. Alejandro still has not made any statement […]

Alejandro Fernandez Says Instagram Post Was Not Dig at Luis Miguel

Alejandro Fernandez meant no harm to Luis Miguel with a recent Instagram post. A few days ago, he posted an image of him ‘holding’ the sun with the caption “Me encanta tener al sol en mis manos” – and many thought it was a dig at Luismi over the lawsuit they are battling in court. […]

Alejandro Fernandez Discusses Luis Miguel Lawsuit

Alejandro Fernandez held a press conference to discuss his latest project, and the media asked about his lawsuit against Luis Miguel. El Potrillo is suing El Sol for breach of contract for the tour they were supposed to have. Alejandro’s answer was basically a no answer. He said: “Ahorita sólo se puede hablar con los […]

Alejandro Fernandez Posts Not so Subtle Dig at Luis Miguel

Did Alejandro Fernandez send Luis Miguel a not so subtle message on social media?? Alejandro is currently suing Luismi for their failed joint concert tour – he claims that there was a breach of contract since the tour never happened. While the lawyers handle the legalities, it seems Alejandro wanted to make a dig at […]

Alejandro Fernandez May be Single Again

It appears that Alejandro Fernandez is once again single. He posted a few messages on social media that left his fans wondering if he broke up with his girlfriend. For example, he posted “Soltero en 14 de febrero…el que le entendio, le entendio” and “El 99% de mis calcetines no tienen pareja y no andan […]