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Enrique Guzman Talks About Alejandra Guzman’s New Face

Plenty has been said about Alejandra Guzman‘s face in recent days, and someone dared ask her father about it. People are saying she has a ‘new face’ thanks to cosmetic procedures and the news spread after she did a Facebook Live with her fans. Pops Enrique Guzman was reached for his opinion and he answered […]

Alejandra Guzman Fans Accuse Her of Getting Work Done on Face

Fans are accusing Alejandra Guzman of getting a ton done on her face! The singer connected with her audience via Facebook Live and was taking questions from her faithful followers – but they were more about the changes in her appearance than anything else. The questions and comments coming in were about Alejandra going overboard […]

Alejandra Guzman Not The Best But She Does Not Care

Alejandra Guzman made the list of one of the worst dressed at the Latin AMAs – but, hey, it looks like she had plenty of fun along the way…so who cares??

Enrique Guzman Reveals Silvia Pinal Wanted to Abort Alejandra Guzman

Enrique Guzman gave a shocking revelation about Silvia Pinal and Alejandra Guzman on “Hoy.” He said Silvia was going to abort Alejandra when she was pregnant with her. The actor commented “Cuando estaba Silvia embarazada de Alejandra quiso abortar, pero no se lo permití. Le dije: ‘vamos a casarnos, vamos a hacer lo que sea, […]

Alejandra Guzman Helps Boost Daughter Fitness Challenge

Alejandra Guzman‘s daughter, Frida Sofia, is trying to start a positive challenge on social media and she’s got her mom’s support to kick it off. The two posted a boomerang showing off their toned bodies with the hashtag #NOHAYEXCUSA – which Frida is promoting to get her fitness biz going. Looks like abs run in […]