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Alejandra Guzman to Undergo Surgery Again

Alejandra Guzman had to reschedule a presentation. The reason? She will have to undergo surgery again. From what was explained, this is yet another procedure she has to have due to the complications of the butt implants she had in the past. Her doctor has ordered 20 days of rest after the surgery, and then […]

Alejandra Guzman Not Siding With Frida Sofia or Michelle Salas

Alejandra Guzman is not taking sides in the family battle between Frida Sofia and Michelle Salas. The cousins are not seeing eye to eye right now and it all came to light when Frida posted “Ya estoy hasta la madre [de] que me comparen con Micheliiiitaaaa niñita linda güey…¡ya! Ya estoy hasta la madre.” You […]

Alejandra Guzman Tells Paulina Rubio She Can’t Sing

Alejandra Guzman thinks Paulina Rubio can’t sing and she told her so. This happened after Paulina’s record label posted a photo of her with the caption, “Suave y sutil, causa y efecto, asi la presencia de Paulina Rubio en el escenario de La Voz Mexico.” La Guzman responded, “No cantas”. La Chica Dorada’s fans attacked […]

Alejandra Guzman Called Out For New Face

Alejandra Guzman is being criticized by her own fans…for seemingly altering her face. The singer posted her new single cover to promote the song coming out soon – but everyone focused on her face. Her followers are calling her out for getting work done on her face and not looking like herself anymore. She does […]

Alejandra Guzman Joins La Voz on Telemundo

Alejandra Guzman has joined “La Voz”! Telemundo is prepping the show and, of course, first comes the coaches. Luis Fonsi has already been announced and now Alejandra. If the network sticks to the mainstream format on NBC then that means that there are two more spots to fill. We’re so far liking the combination between […]