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Adamari Lopez Ignores Haters With Bathing Suit Video

Adamari Lopez couldn’t care less about what people think about her. Let’s face it, the internet can be rough – and Adamari has been on the receiving end of some pretty harsh comments, specifically for her weight. Well, Ada is showing face and keeping that chin up…instead of hiding, she is showing more. The “Un […]

Adamari Lopez Fans Question if She is Pregnant Thanks to use of Plural

Is Adamari Lopez pregnant?? That’s what her fans are assuming. You see, on Father’s Day, she celebrated her husband Toni Costa with a nice post on Instagram. She said “Eres sin duda alguna un hombre espectacular y el padre que ambicionaba como compañero de vida y padre de mis hijos.” Her followers immediately noticed that […]

Toni Costa Backs Up Adamari Lopez in Cheating Theories

Toni Costa doesn’t believe for a second that Adamari Lopez is cheating on him. Remember, social media went crazy over a pic of Ada with Chef James – saying the two seemed to be too close. People started writing Toni, warning him of the situation. Toni is responding saying “Gracias a todos por la preocupación […]

Adamari Lopez Pic With Morning Show Chef Raises Eyebrows

This pic is causing some commotion right about now. In the photo, Adamari Lopez and the chef of “Un Nuevo Dia” are seen sitting next to each other in a seemingly nice moment between work colleagues. Well, fans are pointing out that they are looking at each other too romantically and that her hand on […]

Adamari Lopez Grandmother Passed Away

Adamari Lopez’s grandmother has passed away. The “Un Nuevo Dia” host revealed the news on Instagram with a photo of her abuela saying “Gracias por tu cariño abuelita Elba, ve tranquila y continua enviándonos tus bendiciones desde el cielo. Te quiero! Descansa en Paz.” Ada is on vacation right now, so hopefully she has time […]