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Adamari Lopez Being Treated for Influenza

Adamari Lopez’s absence from Un Nuevo Dia continues. The reason has been revealed. The co-hosts of the show explained that she is being treated for influenza and that she is very thankful to all of those who have expressed their concern and well-wishers. Some had speculated that she was expecting twins and that’s why she […]

Adamari Lopez Reveals Why She Broke Up With Marco Antonio Regil

Adamari Lopez and Marco Antonio Regil work together on ‘Un Nuevo Dia’ – but once upon a time they dated. Now they are revealing why the broke up. Adamari says that she was working on a telenovela with Eduardo Capetillo and Rene Stickler and she had romantic scenes with them in which they had to […]

Toni Costa Says He is Already Married to Adamari Lopez

Toni Costa got asked about getting married to Adamari Lopez when he posted a video of a couple getting engaged. The ‘Mira Quien Baila’ dancer shared a video on Instagram of a suprise engagement of passengers on a plane – but his followers focused on his own engagement and wedding instead. They kept asking and […]

Luis Fonsi Applauding Adamari Lopez’s Husband

Luis Fonsi giving Adamari Lopez‘s husband props! Toni Costa posted an update on Instagram to let his followers know that they can watch his new workout video on YouTube – and he tagged Fonsi in it since he uses one of his songs for the moves. Well, Ada’s ex responded with a “Yeah!!!” and a […]

Adamari Lopez Gets Work Done on Double Chin

Adamari Lopez got some work did on her face. The “Un Nuevo Dia” host went in for a procedure to get rid of her double chin…this is the second time that she goes for it. Ada chose a non-invasive procedure that is simply done with a few strategic injections. That double-chin fat is hard to […]