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Toni Costa Joins New Season of Mira Quien Baila

Guess who is back on “Mira Quien Baila”? Toni Costa is! The dancer, who met Adamari Lopez on the show, is headed back to the dance floor to show off his skills and help make the competing celebs look better than they actually are. It’s interesting because that means Toni will be on Univision, while […]

Adamari Lopez on a Mission to Get Fit and Healthy

A few weeks ago, Adamari Lopez was bullied on social media after she posted pics of herself in a bathing suit. She says she isn’t bothered by those comments – but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to get fit. The “Un Nuevo Dia” host has made it a mission to get back in shape. […]

Adamari Lopez Not Bothered by Body Shaming Comments

Adamari Lopez isn’t going to lose sleep over people criticizing her body. A few days ago, she was blasted online when she posted a pic of herself in a bathing suit. Many followers body shamed her and “Suelta La Sopa” talked to her about it. She said “A mí no me molesta nada. Yo estoy […]

Adamari Lopez Bathing Suit Pic Bashed and Defended

Adamari Lopez enjoyed a weekend getaway with her man Toni Costa for her birthday. She did like most people do when they escapte to the beach…put up pics by the water. Ada put up a photo with Toni on the sand but what came next surprised her followers. The comments on IG were divided between […]

Adamari Lopez Launches Kid Selfie App

Adamari Lopez and Toni Costa have launched an app that is all about taking kid selfies. They present Akuarella which basically shows different video channels, including your own library, to catch the attention of a baby or toddler while calmly taking the perfect selfie. The idea stemmed from the difficult and constant need to have […]