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Adamari Lopez Making Somewhat of a Return to Telenovelas

Adamari Lopez is headed back to the novela world…but not entirely. She has been absent of novelas for close to a decade, solely focusing on her hosting duties on “Un Nuevo Dia.” Now she prepares to dust off her acting chops since she’ll be having a special acting gig on Telemundo’s “La Fan.” The novela […]

Adamari Lopez Brings Gasolina as Daddy Yankee For Halloween

Adamari Lopez brought the gasolina this Halloween because she dressed up as Daddy Yankee! The Puerto Rican actress and host geared up as the Puerto Rican music star and the end result is basically magic. The crotch grab is just fantastic.

Adamari Lopez Bursts Out in Tears Over Daughter’s Gift

This is just moving and heartwarming. Adamari Lopez bursted out in tears as when she saw that her daughter, Alaia, created a work of art just for mommy. The TV host explains it best…and the editing and song of the video also helps to make it even more emotional. WATCH THE CLIP HERE.

Adamari Lopez Celebrates Alaïa’s First Birthday on Television

Must be nice to be Adamari Lopez‘s kid. Her daughter celebrated her first birthday – on television! Alaïa has been alive for 365 days and her one year fiesta de cumpleaños was held on “Un Nuevo Dia.” How many people can say they brought in the big ONE on Telemundo??

Adamari Lopez Falls While Faking Novela on Live TV

Down she goes!! Adamari Lopez was in a friendly ‘novela acting’ competition with actress Erika de la Rosa on “Un Nuevo Dia” which caused the Puerto Rican star to fall flat on to the floor. Ada and Erika were doing dramatic scenes, exaggerated looks, and even slaps in the face with Daniel Sarcos being the […]