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Adamari Lopez Now Godmother to Angelica Vale’s Son

Adamari Lopez had some godmother action this weekend. She became godmom to Angelica Vale‘s son, Danico. Remember, Angelica apparently asked Ada via Twitter if she would be the godmother and Ada responded yes online. It’s a crazy modern world we live in, but sometimes the end results are nice joyous events like this.

Angelica Vale Chooses Adamari Lopez as Godmother of Son

Angelica Vale has chosen Adamari Lopez to be the godmother of her son Danico. It all happened on Twitter, when the Mexican actress sent the following message to the Puerto Rican host of “Un Nuevo Dia”: “Amiga querida, hace 2 años te prometí que mi próximo bebé sería tu ahijado. ¿Aceptas ser la madrina de […]

Toni Costa Has Heartfelt Words For Adamari Lopez on Her Birthday

Get ready for some lovey doveyness! Adamari Lopez celebrated her birthday and her man, Toni Costa, did not let the day go by without making other husbands look bad!! He had these words to say for Ada: “Recuerdas cariño esta foto? Culebra, 4 de Enero 2012 y quien iba a decirnos que llegaríamos hasta aquí, […]

Adamari Lopez and Karla Monroig Have Mommy Hang Out

Cute!! Adamari Lopez and Karla Monroig are besties – and the two hung out the other day for the first time as two moms! The actresses brought along their little ones and didn’t miss out on posing, but Ada with Karla’s kid and Karla with Ada’s baby. Oh, mommas!

Adamari Lopez Presents Daughter Alaia on Cover of People En Español

There she is!! Adamari Lopez officially presented her daughter, Alaia, to the world on the cover of “People En Español”! She calls her little one a miracle of God and we couldn’t agree more. Adorable!!