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Despierta America Still Beats Un Nuevo Dia With Adamari Lopez Hyped Return

‘Despierta America’ beat out ‘Un Nuevo Dia’ even with Adamari Lopez‘s hyped-up return! Telemundo promoted the show with Ada coming back and even got celebrities to post on social media making a huge buzz. The numbers were expected to be impacted by so much talk, but they were not. In the demo 18 to 49 […]

Adamari Lopez Back on Un Nuevo Dia After Being Sick For Months

Adamari Lopez is back on ‘Un Nuevo Dia’! She had been absent for several months after being hospitalized with a serious case of the flu. She says her lungs and system were completely compromised with the illness. Ada says she doesn’t remember much of her hospital visit at first – that’s how out of it […]

Adamari Lopez Shares Family Christmas Photo

Adamari Lopez seems to be doing a lot better. She posted a photo of her and her family with Christmas wishes. After her illness, she’d been pretty much gone from all social media and TV. Slowly, but surely she is making her comeback. She has announced she will return to Un Nuevo Día after the […]

Adamari Lopez Back in Holiday Video but Not Back on TV Yet

Adamari Lopez fans are very confused. She’s been off the air for weeks – absent from ‘Un Nuevo Dia’ – after falling seriously ill with the flu. However, Ada lovers got a taste of the TV host then Telemundo posted a clip on social media celebrating the upcoming holidays. Fans assumed she was back…but that’s […]

Adamari Lopez Talks About Illness That Has Kept Her Hospitalized

Adamari Lopez has broken her silence on her illness that has kept her away from the Telemundo cameras for weeks. She said “Aquí estoy en mi casa, ya más recuperada y esperando a estar del todo bien para regresar y estar más cerquita de ustedes que son mi familia y nuestra gente tan linda que […]