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Adal Ramones Killing Zombies But It’s Funny

Adal Ramones vs zombies!! The comedic actor is getting ready to star in a movie about killing the walking dead. However, this is a comedy. Think “Zombieland”, so a little terror and lots of laughs. The movie is called “Planeta Zombi” and it will soon start shooting.

Adal Ramones Wants Consuelo Duval For New Televisa Show

Adal Ramones wants Consuelo Duval! Well, professionally at least. Adal has revealed that he is in talks with Televisa for a new show – and he wants Consuelo to join him on this new project. He talked to the network executives and they are cool with having her back…even though her split from Televisa wasn’t […]

Adal Ramones New Show Stays Off Air Due to Budget

Adal Ramones was supposed to have a new show on Televisa, but nope. It’s being said that the reason the program isn’t on the air yet is because of budget. Apparently they don’t have the money right now to fly in artists and special guests – you think someone would have thought of that. So, […]

Adal Ramones Playing The Lady Field

Adal Ramones has wasted NO time in getting back on the scene! After announcing plans for a divorce, he has not been shy about being a mack daddy! “TVNotas” reports that he traveled to Las Vegas with a lady friend and then was seen at a Mexico City restaurant with another chica! Enjoying that single […]

Adal Ramones Getting a Divorce

It’s divorce for Adal Ramones. There have long been rumors that he and his wife of 15 years had split – and finally he confirms it as true, saying they will be divorcing. The TV host made clear that this is not a rash decision and that it was mutually taken for the good of […]