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AB Quintanilla is a Grandfather

AB Quintanilla is a grandfather!! Yep, you read that right…AB is a grandpa! His son had a baby girl and he showed off her to the world saying “Guess who’s an Abuelito??? Me. Meet Yvie Quintanilla.” Suzette Quintanilla also shared the news with her own pic adding “I’m a great Aunt and couldn’t be happier…Life […]

AB Quintanilla Behind Bars After Ignoring Child Support Payment

AB Quintanilla has been arrested. He will be spending some time in Nueces County Jail after the judge ordered him into custody. As you know, he landed on the county’s most wanted list after he was found to be non-compliant with his child support payments. He’ll also need to pay back more than $130,000 in […]

AB Quintanilla Owes Plenty in Child Support

AB Quintanilla owes how much??! As we reported, he is one of the top ten most wanted men in Nueces County in Texas. AB is being accused of skipping out on child support. KRISTV in Corpus Christi reports that AB owes 87,000 dollars for the child support of just one of his kids…and he has […]

AB Quintanilla a Wanted Man in Corpus Christi

AB Quintanilla is a wanted man…actually, he is one of the ten most wanted men in Corpus Christi, Texas. Authorities are on the hunt for AB for failing to pay child support. The musician has eight kids with different women – and is more than late on the financial upkeep of the children. The Nueces […]

AB Quintanilla Falls and Busts Teeth After Night of Drinking

AB Quintanilla learned a lesson that he wants to share with everyone. He was just finished celebrating his birthday, with plenty of drinks, and he fell. Hard. AB says he was drunk and landed flat on his face and cracked his teeth – as you can tell in the photo. He is wearing temporary dientes […]