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Aaron Diaz and Lola Ponce’s Daughters Totally Chill

Why so serious?? Aaron Diaz and Lola Ponce shared this photo of their daughters Erin and Regina and we just had to show you. The girls must have been entertained by something on TV or by their parents – because to be this little and this calm…well, it never happens!

Tierra De Reyes Cast Gathers to Watch First Episode

Telemundo premiered its new novela “Tierra De Reyes” and threw a fancy party for the first episode. The cast gathered to watch and celebrate and of course take pics on the red carpet! CLICK HERE to see the photos.

Aaron Diaz Gets Daughter’s Name Tattooed on Finger

Daddy got tatted! Aaron Diaz is celebrating the birth of his daughter, Regina, with something he can see everyday. He got her name tattooed on his finger. Good thing her name only consists of six letters.

Aaron Diaz and Lola Ponce Share Daughters’ First Interaction Ever

OMG! This is too much!!! Aaron Diaz and Lola Ponce have shared the exact moment that their daughter Erin meets her newborn sister Regina for the first time. What an incredible moment to have captured forever! CLICK HERE to see!!

Lola Ponce Leaves Hospital in Heels After Giving Birth

Say what??! This picture is boggling us! Lola Ponce just gave birth a few days ago, via caesarean section, yet here she is walking out of the hospital in HEELS! Her man Aaron Diaz was there to hold her hand and carry baby Regina – and she strutted in heels! Antes muerta que sencilla!!