Camila wants to set something straight – they are not splitting up!

The group says that there is confusion out there after they announced that they want a break, but insist that they only want a vacation from each other and work.

They sent out a press release stating:

“It is true that in an interview we have manifested the need to have a period of recess for us that participate in this project, but it’s false that we are contemplating to dissolve the group. Like anyone else, we have contemplated a vacation period in between our Dejarte de Amar tour and the production of our next album. We have never, at any moment, talked about disintegrating the group. Once again, we reiterate that we are grateful for your constant support, which is why we thought it important to rectify the information that is being divulged in different forms of the media.”

They sound convincing. We hope it’s true that they aren’t splitting up. We do like them as a group!

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